Conrad Grebel University College, a residence and teaching community affiliated with the University of Waterloo, seeks a married couple for the position of Campus Hosts, beginning spring/summer 2021. The role involves living in an apartment in the College’s residence building and supervising the College during non-business hours. Rent and utilities are free in exchange for performance of duties. Applicants should be mature, responsible and able to relate to a broad range of people, especially students in residence. Application deadline is January 25, 2021.

The Role - Nature and Scope

The Campus Hosts are a married couple living in the residence apartment who represent the College during non-business hours. The role requires a strong sense of hospitality and a demonstrated ability to relate to a broad range of people, especially students.  It also carries considerable responsibility for facilities, especially as it pertains to evening security duties. Through this position the College assists young married students by providing rent-free accommodation in exchange for services. It is expected that the couple filling this position will participate actively in the life of the College community.

Campus Hosts are contracted for a term of two years. An additional year may be negotiated by mutual consent.


The Campus Hosts are accountable to the Director of Student Services regarding student life matters and the Director of Operations regarding hospitality and facility issues. The Director of Operations deals with matters related to contract and living space.

Specific Duties

  1.  Hospitality
    • act as College hosts by welcoming visitors and guests
    • provide information for people who come in person or call by phone
    • answer the College telephone during non-business hours
    • assist with conferences - registration and supervision - during the Spring/Summer term
    • respond to urgent needs of guests and visitors
  2.  Student Program
    • interact with resident and associate students
    • attend house meetings and Director/Don meetings
    • respond to student crises, providing support and first aid as necessary, in conjunction with the dons
    • support the dons with discipline and situations of inter-personal conflict among students in residence and apartments
    •  maintain a log of emergency situations and actions taken in response
    • participate in Student Services program activities such as: don orientation, leadership retreats, orientation week events, exit interviews, Taste of Grebel, etc.
  3. Facilities and Security
    • actively monitor the activities and security of the building
    • perform evening rounds to ensure that the College buildings are secure and hazard-free
    • lock doors daily at specified hours
    • deal with plant emergency situations as they arise, eg. equipment breakdowns, fires, burglaries, etc.
    • be available to provide facility-use assistance for internal groups
    •  be available to provide custodial supervision to external groups
    • assist with the enforcement of  parking regulations
    • be a member of the CGUC Health and Safety Committee

Time Commitment

  1. One of the Campus Hosts is expected to be onsite at all times during non office hours. The Campus Hosts work 12 consecutive days and then receive one weekend off. Thus, the normal schedule would see the Campus Hosts work from a Sunday at 4:30 pm to the Friday twelve days later at 8:30 am followed by 56 hours off.
  2. If the Campus Hosts are planning to be away (off-campus) for their weekends off, they must inform the Director of Student Services.
  3. The Campus Hosts are not required to perform their responsibilities when the College is completely closed over Christmas.

Desirable Qualities

The couple assuming this role should have:

  1. Experience in college residence living, preferably at Conrad Grebel University College.
  2. A good understanding of the goals and mission of Conrad Grebel University College's residence program.
  3. A willingness to affirm and promote the mission, vision and identity of the College and its Anabaptist-Mennonite faith tradition.
  4. A Christian orientation and commitment.
  5. The emotional maturity and an ability to work well with a broad cross-section of people.
  6. The ability to exercise authority and respond to authority.
  7. A  warm, welcoming and flexible presentation and spirit.
  8. Training and experience in first aid and emergency response procedures.

Compensation and Benefits

  1. Housing
    • In exchange for performance of above duties, a one bedroom apartment unit located immediately adjacent to the main entrance doors of  Founders Hall and is accessible without entering the residence halls is provided free of charge.
    •  Additional housing benefits include:
    • partially furnished apartment 
    • telephone (long distance phone charges are the responsibility of the Campus Hosts)
    • high speed internet access
    • all free utilities, including cable
    • free parking
  2. Meals
    • weekly Community Supper tickets during the regular school term
    • one other lunch or dinner ticket per week for each of the Campus Hosts during the regular school term
    • term-end banquets
  3. Vacation
    • Campus Hosts are entitled to 4 weeks vacation over the course of the two year contract. Vacation time will be negotiated with the Director of Student Services and the Director of Operations.

Application information

Application deadline is January 25, 2021.

Interested couples should contact E. Paul Penner, Director of Operations at or phone 519-885-0220, ext 24231.

Download the full Campus Host Job Description (PDF)