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Coordinator, Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement - Contract

Conrad Grebel University College

Conrad Grebel University College is a liberal arts college founded by the Mennonite church and affiliated with the University of Waterloo. The mission and programs of Grebel are rooted in and inspired by its Christian identity and its Anabaptist/Mennonite heritage. Grebel offers undergraduate, graduate, and community education programs in peace and conflict studies, music, theological and religious studies, and Mennonite studies. It also has a residence which houses approximately 175 university students. Grebel is also home to the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA).

The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement

The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (hereafter CPA) was established with a $1m gift from the Mennonite Savings and Credit Union (now known as Kindred Credit Union) to create a space for engaged peace research, training and community outreach.  This gift created capacity to build a 4th floor as part of Grebel’s Next Chapter campaign.

The CPA has been birthed as a new kind of community within a community, bringing over two dozen people from established and emerging peace-related initiatives to Grebel every day. It has emerged as a third, distinctive program offering of the College, complementing the Academic program and the Residence program.

The mission of the CPA is to advance expansive and innovative understandings and practices of peace locally and globally by promoting collaboration among its peace partners in ways that “seek wisdom, nurture faith and serve church and society.” The vision of the Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) aspires to attract peace innovators; to be a state of the art academic hub that “incubates” and advances collaborative, inter-disciplinary, multi-sector peacemaking.

General Scope

The CPA Coordinator will support the CPA Director in implementing the vision and mission of the CPA. The Coordinator will be responsible for the coordination of the CPA’s three programs (Epp Peace Incubator, Core Collaborators, and Grebel Gallery), the CPA’s community engagement activities, and assisting the CPA Director in carrying out field-building activities that support the CPA’s mission and vision.

Departmental Data

The CPA’s annual program expenditures for 2017-18 were budgeted to be approximately $270,000. The CPA staff team consisted of the CPA Director and Coordinator, with additional support provided by occasional and part time roles, including international interns and University of Waterloo Co-op students. This team supported the efforts of a larger community of CPA participants, which, in 2017-18 included over 60 staff (including 14 students) of the 5 affiliate organizations co-located at the CPA, and the 9 peace start-ups in the CPA's incubator program. Over 2,100 community members were engaged in CPA events in 2017-18.                            

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Program Coordination
    1. Participate in the development and evaluation of the CPA’s three core programs, and coordinate each program’s respective activities as set out in each year’s program plan
    2. Support grant-writing initiatives to develop the CPA’s core program elements
    3. Create and maintain a communications strategy for the CPA as a whole and for each individual CPA program, through mediums such as the CPA website, social media, and monthly e-newsletters
    4. Lead the development and circulation of promotional materials related to CPA programs
    5. Give functional direction to the CPA Host (IVEP intern from Aug. 2018 – Jul. 2019), CPA Communications Assistant (Co-op student from Sep. – Dec. 2018), and CPA Incubator Fellow(s) (Sep. 2018 – Apr. 2019)
    6. Prepare agendas, minutes, and arrange other details for CPA program-related meetings, including the CPA Advisory Committee, Grebel Gallery Team, CPA Research Hub, and the University of Waterloo’s Social Disruptors Group
    7. Perform other duties from time to time as assigned by the CPA Director
  2. Community Engagement
    1. Promote the CPA and its programs through community events and other forms of outreach; this may include planning and hosting events or attending events in the community, and will include working with partner organizations, students, and/or Grebel staff such as food services
    2. Help develop and coordinate the CPA’s strategy to engage key constituents including students, faculty, and staff at Grebel, UWaterloo, and beyond; donors; potential participants; community members with an interest in peace advancement through artistic expression, social innovation, or other areas that fall under CPA programming; and current participants
    3. Contribute to a hospitable and collegial climate for all members of the College community
  3. Field-building
    1. Respond to opportunities to participate in peace and social innovation-related activities on campus and in the wider community
    2. Provide research assistance and support collaborative research projects, as assigned by the CPA Director

Position Requirements


  1. Undergraduate degree, preferably as a major or minor in one of Conrad Grebel’s academic programs, is required.


  1. Support for the identity, mission, values and programs of Conrad Grebel University College and the Centre for Peace Advancement in particular
  2. Excellent interpersonal and public relations skills to work productively and collegially with CPA participants, College faculty, staff, students, constituents and guests are required
  3. Experience in program design, monitoring, and evaluation is required
  4. Demonstrated initiative, with the ability to work by objective with minimal direct oversight is required
  5. Exceptional attention to detail and commitment to accuracy is required
  6. Full reliability in matters requiring discretion and confidentiality is required
  7. Experience in event coordination is required
  8. Experience in managing an agency’s communications strategy is required
  9. Familiarity with the landscape of peacebuilding organizations and the social innovation field, both in Canada and globally, is preferred
  10. Familiarity with University of Waterloo policies and procedures is preferred


  1. Strong competence in word processing (Microsoft Word), website maintenance (using a content management system), and spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) is required
  2. Experience in academic research and academic/professional writing required

Working Relationships

  • The direct supervisor of the CPA Coordinator is the Director, Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement.
  • The CPA Coordinator will directly supervise support staff, including:
    • The CPA Host, whose responsibilities include supporting the CPA Director and Coordinator by:
      • managing ongoing administration such as scheduling room bookings and weekly coffee breaks;
      • building community among CPA Participants; and
      • implementing communications strategies
    • The CPA Communications Assistant, whose responsibilities include supporting the CPA Director and Coordinator by:
      • Managing the CPA’s communications strategies;  and
      • Managing community engagement projects for the CPA
    • The CPA Incubator Fellow, whose responsibilities include supporting the CPA Director and Coordinator by:
      • Coordinating the Epp Peace Incubator program’s Mentorship Circle;
      • Animating the Incubator program’s participant community; and
      • Providing communications support surrounding Incubator programming
  • The Director of Operations of the College is responsible for matters related to contract, benefits, workspace, and equipment.

Grade and FTE:

USG 5.0 &  0.87 FTE (30.5 hrs/wk) (approx. $3100/month)

Application Information:

Applications will be accepted until June 22, 2018. Applications should be directed to:

Mimi Browne
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations
Conrad Grebel University College
140 Westmount Road N.
Waterloo ON  N2L 3G6

Contract Position: August 7, 2018 to September 30, 2019

Download the complete CPA Coordinator description (PDF)