Food Services Assistant: Contract September 21, 2020 – April 9, 2021

Posting Date: September 2, 2020       

Reports to: Food Services Manager  

Grade & FTE: USG 1 & variable FTE

Evening/weekend/holiday work required

Conrad Grebel University College is a liberal arts college founded by the Mennonite church and affiliated with the University of Waterloo. The mission and programs of Grebel are rooted in and inspired by its Christian identity and its Anabaptist/Mennonite heritage. Grebel offers undergraduate, graduate, and community education programs in peace and conflict studies, music, theological and religious studies, and Mennonite studies. It also has a residence, which houses 174 university students. Grebel is also home to the Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA).

General Scope

Working together with the Grebel Food Services staff, under the direction of the Food Services Manager, the Food Services Assistant (FSA) is required to perform a variety of tasks including: dishwashing, floor cleaning, bag lunch making, preparing vegetables and fruits, and restocking/setting up the serving line. 

Departmental Data

  • Currently the college has 2 full time, and 7 part time cooks (5.8 fte) and 5 part time food service assistants (3.8 fte).
  • The Food Services team prepares 101,430 meals annually for residence students plus an additional 6,300 meals to off campus residents in the fall term.
  • We annually prepare/serve at least 188 snack nights to residents and associates, 36 community suppers, 3 term end banquets, 1 convocation reception for 500 people, 1 Taste of Grebel BBQ for 450 people, and 1 move in day luncheon for 450 people.
  • We provide $75,000 worth of meals/refreshments to the summer conference program.
  • Grebel’s annual food services expenses budget is $1,168,000 (20/21)          
  • Internal and external sales 480 events for 17,600guests in 2016-2017), summer conferences, meal tickets, meal plans, associate community supper and snack nights, and cash register sales annually contribute $228,000.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Food Preparation and Service
    1. Performing dishwashing routines (clearing, sorting, rinsing, washing using the dishwasher or manually at pot sink, putting away)
    2. Preparing items for salad bar and setting up salad bar prior to meal service
    3. Preparing fresh fruit tray, fruit salad, or canned fruit for lunches
    4. Preparing vegetable, fruit or cheese trays for functions
    5. Preparing bag lunches and deli bar items
    6. Serving food on serving line at mealtimes
    7. Refilling items in serving line
    8. Assisting cooks with preparing items for lunches and suppers
    9. Putting food away and cleaning up cafeteria serving line
    10. Assisting with setting up and cleaning up special functions
    11. Sweeping and mopping kitchen floors
    12. Vacuuming dining room floor and wiping tables
    13. Performing routine housekeeping tasks within the kitchen and dining room
    14. Safely operating  commercial kitchen equipment including meat slicer, potato peeler, mixers, food processor, dishwasher, and flat top
    15. Following safe food handling procedures, avoiding cross contamination
  2. Planning and Organization
    1. Managing time efficiently to meet multiple hard deadlines throughout the day
    2. Assisting in inventory control, advising Food Services Manager when supplies are needed
    3. Participating in bi-weekly Food Services Department meetings
    4. Providing guidance to student workers
    5. Adapting to last minute requests from students, staff, faculty or guests
  3. Cleaning
    1. Responsible for providing and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and organization of kitchen area including: cleaning and sanitizing food preparation areas, food service areas, and kitchen equipment, and performing a deep cleaning of kitchen at end of term
    2. Emptying garbage, recycling and compost containers into outside bins
  4. Safety and Security
    1. Assisting with procedures critical for safety and security such as responding to fire alarms and locking/unlocking doors
    2. Fostering a healthy work environment that adheres to the College’s health and safety practices as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This includes ensuring chemicals are labelled and properly stored, placing wet floor signs as needed, using appropriate transportation methods when moving containers of hot product, employing proper knife handling skills and generally working in a safe manner and using protective equipment as needed.
  5. Support and Collaboration
    1. working collaboratively with Food Services staff to complete daily/weekly tasks, including covering absences of other cooks/FSAs
    2. performing other related duties as assigned
    3. making recommendations that contribute to the success of the Food Services operation
    4. contributing to the creation of a hospitable environment for students and a collegial climate for all members of the College community


Position Requirements

  • Support for the identity and mission of Conrad Grebel University College


  • Food Handler Certification is an asset.


  • Experience and/or training in a variety of food service tasks is preferred
  • Physical and Sensory Demands: This position will involve physically demanding tasks that could include but are not limited to: lifting/carrying up to 50 lbs, standing for long periods of time while operating commercial kitchen equipment, loading/unloading ovens, carts, milk machine etc.  These activities require frequent bending, stretching, lifting and carrying.  The majority of work happens indoors; however, FSAs are required to be outside when disposing of garbage, compost and recycling materials.
  • Interpersonal Skills: This position requires organizational skill, interpersonal skills and problem solving ability to balance multiple priorities and deadlines. Must be a strong communicator with the ability to build relationships with staff, students, delivery personnel, and contract service personnel. Attention to detail as well as having a friendly, professional, courteous, customer service oriented personality is required.
  • Ability to work safely with kitchen equipment, awareness of health and safety standards and procedures for food service facilities
  • Must be able to communicate in English

Working Relationships

Food Service Assistants will work closely with: other Food Services Assistants, Cooks, Assistant Food Services Manager, student workers and other casual kitchen staff. This position reports to and is accountable to the Food Services Manager.

Hours & Working Environment
This position is a 6.5 month contract, which may be cancelled with 4 weeks’ notice should the incumbent return from parental leave earlier than expected. This position is part-time, 2-8 shifts per 2 week schedule. Must be able to work a variety of shifts including weekends and holidays.  Monday to Friday shifts are 6:30 am - 12:30 pm, 6:30 am - 2:30 pm, or 12 - 8 pm.  Weekend shifts are 10 am - 7 pm. Actual hours may vary depending on workload and scheduled events. FSAs typically work 1-2 weekends, Saturday and Sunday, per month. FSAs work in close quarters with up to 20 people in an open kitchen with exposure to wide temperature swings while moving between freezers/fridges/hot cooking stations.

How to Apply
Send your resumé and cover letter to Mimi Browne at by September 9, 2020.