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Fall 2017 Chapel Schedule

Worthy Questions

September 13

So many questions...

September 20 Would I be a Christian if I wasn't born into a Christian family
September 27 Who am I? (That God should love me)
October 4 How do I know the Lord is with me? What does it mean to be a Christian? How should our worship affect our faith?
October 18 How can we better listen to and understand each other and God? How can I listen to God? How do I know it's him? How can we tell the difference between hearing God's voice, the world's and our own?
October 25 Should I feel motivated to follow God? If I don't is it because I won't or I am not meant to #freewill
November 1 Why do some live so comfortably while other suffer? What does it mean to be blessed?
November 8 How do we live our Christian faith with integrity, while at the same time being open to other faiths?
November 15 What can we learn from diverse faith backgrounds @Grebel and what is the importance of this?
November 22 What does an inclusive Christian community look like?
November 29 How can we show love, acceptance and understanding to all people while remaining firm in my beliefs?
December 5 Lessons and Carols