Current Dons and Campus Hosts

2018-2020 Campus Hosts: Colin and Faith Friesen with daughter, Ronen

​Fall 2018 Dons: Alex Skipper, Joseph Tafese, Elaina Mohr, Hannah Hill, Boushrah Fanous

Winter 2019 Dons: Alex Skipper, Isaac Painting, Elaina Mohr, Mykayla Turner, Abby Lobert

Spring 2019 Dons: Max Chute, Joseph Tafese, Katrina Steckle

Elaina Mohr - Fall 2018/Winter 2019

Elaina Mohr - Grebel donHello, my name is Elaina, and I am a fall/winter don! I am so excited to still be a part of the grebel community, and to have the chance to serve all the students. I am currently in my second year of peace and conflict studies here at Waterloo, and spend my days in the fourth floor long end. Before coming to Univeristy I spent time traveling and also being a barista. So come find me and I'd love to hear stories from your travels around the world, and I'll also make you a cup of coffee! Other things I am quite fond of include: dance parties, laughing at bad jokes, making new friends, eating donuts, and giving good hugs.  I look forward to being a support for students, and am always down for a good chat, long or short! I am pumped to be a don for fall and winter, and create so many great memories with the community!

Joseph Tafese - Fall 2018/Spring 2019 

Joseph Tafese- Grebel donHi there, Welcome to Grebel! 

I am a second year Software Engineering student, pursuing a minor in Cognitive Sciences, at the University of Waterloo. I shall be your Don for the Fall & Spring Terms of 2018/19. Really want to get to know you for who you are, and if that’s not something you’ve discovered, joining you on the journey (if you’re ok with it of course :)) Life can tend to be confusing, and performing multi-variate analysis and developing decision binary trees can only get you so far, but that’s why we have one another. Living in this community has provided me the opportunity to grow, and that’s what I’d like to bring with me this year.  

Katrina Steckle - Spring 2019

Katrina Steckle - Spring 2019 DonHey there!

I’m Katrina, and I’m super excited to be a Spring Don this year! They say that spring term is the best term, and I’m definitely looking forward to spending the best term with you! I’m in my third year of Honours Arts double majoring in Psychology and English Literature, mostly because I couldn’t choose between the two. Decision making is not my strong suit, nor is being on time - I try really hard though! When I’m not struggling to make a decision or running late, you might find me singing, reading, chatting with people, or talking about goats and/or plants. I’m always down to hang or chat, and I’m so excited to see what adventures Spring term brings! See you soon!!

Hannah Hill - Fall 2018

Hannah Hill - Fall 2018 DonHi there, I'm Hannah and this Fall will be my 10th term at Grebel! I love that I get to call this place my second home and am excited to get to live same roof as you. I have been studying Environment and Business since coming to UWaterloo in 2015, and have added minors in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) and Technical Writing to my degree along the way. I have also been in a lot of leadership roles and participated in many clubs. I hope you will choose to get involved in something that interests you or is a step out of your comfort zone! Throughout the term, you'll see me wandering the halls, going for walks on-campus, or studying in the dining room (interruptions are always welcome). All the best for your upcoming year!

Mykayla Turner - Winter 2019 

Mykayla Turner -Grebel donHey everyone! My name is Mykayla and I’m in my 3rd year of Health Studies and Music here at UW! Grebel has become my home away from home since I started university, and it is my hope that the same will become true for you! Some cool facts about me: I’m left-handed, I hate sunsets, and I love to sneeze. In my spare time, I enjoy playing piano, journalling, and spending time with friends (and those yet to become friends!). I am friendly, organized, and SO pumped to be living in community with you! I’ll be living in the Grebel apartments in the fall, so you can feel free to visit me there - but I’ll be sure to spend lots of time wandering the residence and getting to know you before I move back in as a Don for the winter. Can’t wait for all that this year will bring!"

Max Chute - Spring 2019

Max Chute - Grebel donHi everyone! My name is Max. I am excited to be a Spring don this year! I am in 2B of Chemical Engineering. This fall, I am in the apartments, so come over if you want to chat. I will be doing my best to hall wander in the residence and spend time socializing. This term, I am organizing Tuesday Night Worship. I enjoy lots of sports, especially beach volleyball on our court at Grebel. Hit me if you want to start a pick-up game. I attended a high school in Doha, Qatar and lived there for 5 years. I love to travel and enjoy talking about my trips and would love to learn about the places you have been! I grew up in Nova Scotia, so I love to hear about exciting things to do and see here in Ontario.

Isaac Painting - Winter 2019

Isaac Painting - Winter 2019 DonHello there! My name's Isaac, I am going into my second year of Computer Science, and I will be a part of your wonderful winter Don team for 2019! I am also on co-op this term, but I work at a little start-up in Kitchener, so I'll definitely be around for fall term too.

If you're ever looking for me at Grebel, there's a decent chance I'm in the games lounge or the caf. Or if there happens to be a dog around nearby, I am 100% guaranteed to be there. When it comes to hobbies, there's really not much that I don't like. I love playing and listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, longboarding, hammocking, and going on random adventures around KW. Also, if you have any interests (which, hopefully you do? Most people have those I think) definitely let me know because there's a decent chance I'm interested in it too!

I also absolutely adore peanut butter, like to an extreme level. So if you ever need to return a favour to me, I would 100% accept peanut butter as a valid form of legal tender.

I'm super stoked to get to meet all y'all this upcoming year!

Boushrah Fanous - Fall 2018

Boushrah Fanous - Fall 2018 DonWell Hello There, my name is Boushrah Fanous and I am one of your fall dons. I am studying Peace and Conflict Studies here at Grebel and this is my third year Grebelly and second academically. Living here for two years has been a blast and a half, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love people and at Grebel you get the best of those. I love some good deep conversations at any time for as long as you are willing to stay, so if you have any topic about literally anything please do hit me up. I also really love cheese so if you ever want someone to eat cheese with I am your someone!

I am thrilled to be living with you all in this wonderful community and I am very grateful for the opportunity of knowing you all!

Abby Lobert - Winter 2019

Abby Lobert - Winter 2019 DonHello everyone! My name is Abby Lobert and I am in my third year of Social Development Studies. After being a part of Grebel's community as a resident and most recently as an off-campus associate, I am looking forward to jumping back into residence in the winter term as a member of your winter don team! I have met so many wonderful people at Grebel and I'm excited to get to know many more. Grebel feels like home to me and I hope that I can help it feel that way for you too! I'm excited for hall wandering study breaks, extended meal times, deep chats and a lot of laughter in winter term. 

Alex Skipper - Fall 2018/Winter 2019

Alex Skipper - Fall 2018/Winter 2019 DonYo yo everyone! My name is Alex and I am going into my 3A term of and Honours Science major with double minors in Music and Medical Physiology which are two mostly unrelated passions of mine. I am beyond stoked to be donning for both the fall and winter terms! I can almost certainly be found attending/hosting movie nights, chatting at snack or jamming out in the practice rooms when I am not studying so please feel to join in on any or all of these GTs (that's good times for those of you who don't know). Another thing that I absolutely love is Grebel! I just think it is the most amazing and enriching place out there and I can't wait to share in it with you folks. Oh, and one more note... if you ever are in need of me, all you need to do is play some musical soundtracks or rustle a freshly opened bag of Ms. Vickie's salt and vinegar chips and I will most certainly appear with uncanny speed. Cheers!

Faith and Colin and Ronen Friesen - 2018-2020

Faith and Colin and Ronen Friesen - Campus Hosts 2018-2020Greetings! We are the Campus Hosts of Conrad Grebel University College, and are delighted to be a part of this wonderful community. Having known each other since 2008, we got married in 2012 and have loved every moment of the journey, not only the ups, but the downs included! We moved to Waterloo from British Columbia in August of September 2017 so that Colin could begin a Masters degree at Grebel in Theological Studies. At the same time, Faith was seven months pregnant! Our daughter, Ronen, was born in October and has been a bundle of energy, excitement, and unpredictability. Despite the difficulties, parenting has only become more and more fun over the months. We accepted the Campus Host position in May 2018, and moved into residence only to have been greeted with the warmest of welcomes. When we moved to Ontario, we had no friends or family in the area, but now, we have a family of hundreds who have helped us make this place feel like home. We are excited to live into this intentional community, and to see what the next year has in store!