Current Dons and Campus Hosts

2018-2020 Campus Hosts: Colin and Faith Friesen with daughter, Ronen

​Fall 2019 Dons: Aaron Oesch, Allison Weber, Josh Rampersad, Mary McPhee, Brandon McMurray

Winter 2020 Dons: Aaron Oesch, Allison Weber, Lorena Diller Harder, Emily Moore

Spring 2020 Dons: Adam Neufeld, Josh Rampersad, Mary McPhee

Aaron Oesch - Fall 2019/Winter 2020

Aaron Oesch - fall/winter donHey Everyone! My name is Aaron Oesch and I am beyond pumped to be moving back into Residence to be a Don for Fall 2019 and Winter 2020! This fall I will be going into my 4A Term Studying Sociology and Business, so if you've got any questions about Business and/or Sociology don't hesitate to hit me up! I come from the greatest town in Canada (Zurich, Ontario), home of the bean festival! The greatest bean related festival in Southwestern Ontario. Outside of that I enjoy music and am always down to jam or sing with people! I a super social person so I'm sure you'll see me out and about doing stuff. I love chatting and getting to know people and I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing meals/community together! 

Allison Weber - Fall 2019/Winter 2020 

Allison Weber - fall/winter donHi friends! My name is Allison and I will be yall’s don for the fall and winter semester! WOHOO! Currently, I’m in my 2A studying biology with a medical physiology minor and I hope to go into neuroscience-related research or med school (not sure yet) in the future. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia however my dad grew up in Ontario and attended UW which is how I ended up here. Prior to my time at Waterloo, I took a gap year and traveled with CMU’s Outtatown program in Guatemala which is where I developed intense love for beans. I also spent some time working at a restaurant called Chicken Salad Chick where I made 15 different flavors of chicken salad. I really like singing (not good), reading, dancing and working out to this one particular 10 minute abs video on Youtube. I am especially passionate about discussions on current issues and there’s nothing I love more than a good conversation with some coffee on the patio. Hope you guys are as excited for these two terms as I am cause they’re gonna be AWESOME!!!

Josh Rampersad - Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Josh Rampersad fall/spring donHello there. My name is Josh and I am so excited to be part of the Fall and Spring don teams this year. I'm starting my third year of Computer Science with a minor in music. If you're ever looking for me around Grebel, I'll likely be hanging out in the games lounge or participating in whatever awesome stuff is going on at Grebel (karaoke, jam sessions, movie nights, game nights, etc). It's wild how much fun stuff goes on around here. Something important you should know is that I’m an "international student" from Montreal ;) who is VERY passionate about eggs (seriously, eggs are the most important food group). In my time here at Grebel I have had the pleasure of being QuAQ rep, directing the Grebel musical, and being part of different music ensembles. My other passions include community, anime, video games, biking, reading and Waluigi. I also love having conversations, so please come and chat with me! This year I am so excited to meet everyone, chat, eat and have good times!

Mary McPhee - Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Mary McPhee fall/spring don

Hi! I’m Mary, and I’m super excited to be a part of the fall/spring Don team this year!

I’m in my third year at Grebel, studying Systems Design Engineering. Grebel has become my second home since coming to university, and I hope you love it here as much as I do! I’m always excited about ABBA, the card game SET, hall wandering, and mason jars, and I get very passionate about books. I love a good mealtime chat (preferably one that lasts way longer than originally expected), and I’m always happy to have spontaneous adventures, life chats, or a game of somewhat questionable pool! I’m really looking forward to getting to know you all this year, and I can’t wait for some fun terms with you! 

Brandon McMurray - Fall 2019

Brandon McMurray fall donHello! My name is Brandon and I will be a Don this Fall term. I am a Biology co-op student in my 3B term at UW. For me, home is in the country on a farm just north-east of London, Ontario, but Grebel has been a wonderful substitution while studying at school. In no particular order, these are a few of my favourite things: animals (virtually all; domesticated and wild), sports (soccer, badminton, basketball, volleyball, spikeball, long-distance running, etc.), comedy (I LOVE TO LAUGH), visual arts (graphite, coloured pencil, and photography mostly), and rock and roll (mostly classic rock, but the newer stuff is good too). Additionally, I really enjoy a good meal-time conversation and have been known to spend far too long participating in riveting discussions at the supper table. And although I often have my nose buried deep in a lab manual, I can almost always be persuaded to go on random adventures with friends. I look forward to seeing you all this fall!

Lorena Diller Harder - Winter 2020

Lorena Diller Harder winter donHi, I'm Lorena and I'll be donning in the winter! I'm in French Teaching Specialization, so last year I had to live in France for my program - if you're ever stuck on conversation starters I can tell you all about sleeping in airports and on overnight busses. I come across as pretty extroverted, but low-key I'm pretty introverted too, and always down to chill with a book. I also like to nap. I couldn't think of any hobbies, but luckily I'm working at a summer camp right now so I asked some eight-year olds what they thought mine were, and here's what they came up with: being cool, being nice, and wearing hats backwards. If you're looking to get in on any of that action, hit me up anytime. I'll be in the Grebel apartments in the fall, so you'll have lots of chances to get to know me before I start donning. I'm always down to chat, bake some cookies, or wander aimlessly. I'm super amped to get to know you better!

Emily Moore - Winter 2020

Emily Moore winter donMy name is Emily and I am in my second year. I am currently double majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies and Political Science. I am very excited to be joining the don team during winter term. I have only been at Grebel for a year but it has become my home away from home. I can often be found chatting at snack nights, hall-wandering, or napping on people's couches. I am a very slow eater which allows me plenty of time to have interesting mealtime conversations. I will also drop everything for a good game of Dutch blitz. I am very excited to see what this year has in store! 

Adam Neufeld - Spring 2020

Adam Neufeld spring don

Hello! My name is Adam and I’m going into my third year of Physics at UW! In Fall and Winter 2019/2020 I will be on an 8-month co-op in Windsor, ON but am very excited to be back in the community for Spring 2020! Grebel has been a second home with such amazing staff and students. I can’t wait to meet the lucky first years who get to live at Grebel in Spring term (best term), but I will come visit the rest of you before then. As a Don in Spring term I am excited to get to know you better and support you as you go through the term, as well as being a friendly face around Grebel.

Some of my favourite things to do outside of school is going biking, camping, playing ultimate frisbee, and just being in the great outdoors. I also really enjoy playing percussive instruments and eating peanut butter.

See you in res next Spring!

Faith and Colin and Ronen Friesen - 2018-2020

Colin and Faith and Ronen Campus HostsGreetings! We are the Campus Hosts of Conrad Grebel University College, and are delighted to be a part of this wonderful community. Having known each other since 2008, we got married in 2012 and have loved every moment of the journey, not only the ups, but the downs included! We moved to Waterloo from British Columbia in August of September 2017 so that Colin could begin a Masters degree at Grebel in Theological Studies. At the same time, Faith was seven months pregnant! Our daughter, Ronen, was born in October and has been a bundle of energy, excitement, and unpredictability. Despite the difficulties, parenting has only become more and more fun over the months. We accepted the Campus Host position in May 2018, and moved into residence only to have been greeted with the warmest of welcomes. When we moved to Ontario, we had no friends or family in the area, but now, we have a family of hundreds who have helped us make this place feel like home. We are excited to live into this intentional community, and to see what the next year has in store!