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Current Dons and Campus Hosts

Current Dons and Campus Hosts

2016-2018 Campus Hosts: Lynn and Rylan Skelly

Spring 2017 Dons: Jonathan Smith, Briar Hunter, Jon Shantz

​Fall 2017 Dons: Charlotte Baker, Madeleine Neufeld, Angela Krone, Andrew Coon, Calvin Mills

Winter 2018 Dons: Charlotte Baker, Neil Brubacher, Amy McClellan, Andrew Coon, Calvin Mills

Spring 2018 Dons: Madeleine Neufeld, Erik Mohr, Catherine Fowler

Jonathan Smith - Spring 2017

Jonathan Smith Hello all.

I go by Jonathan and am in my third year of studying bytes and business at UWaterloo and Wilfred Laurier University.

Conrad Grebel became my home in Waterloo after moving here two years ago from Indonesia. I love hearing stories of the travels people have been on and sharing my own of growing up on an island in the pacific. This love of stories is not confined to verbal communication, as I also love reading (but not library due dates!) and watching a good film. Beyond that, you'll find me outside exploring, playing soccer, or writing music. I've been excited to discover many people at Grebel who excel at all of those things. They are all quite willing to pass on their skills to those of us who are novices. So get ready to join us in a constant cycle of adventure and learning. I look forward to getting to know you as we live together this next year!

Briar Hunter - Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Briar Hunter Hey hey! I’m Briar Hunter, going into my second year of Biology, planning to move to Africa after graduating, and uber excited to be a fall/spring don! I am known for my raucous cheering, intense competitiveness, over-the-top enthusiasm, never-ending socialness, and devious sarcasm! I am always down for a game, particularly a sport, and particularly those involving contact! Fun fact, in my first year I split my ear open playing intramural soccer, got 7 stitches, missed a midterm, and still played contact football the next day… So I’m basically down for anything at anytime! I’m also a terrible procrastinator, so if you need someone to stay up late finishing an assignment with, just check the caf cause I’ll probably be there! Can’t wait to meet you all! Wooooot!

Jon Shantz - Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Jon Shantz Don Jon here... Oh wait there are three of us! Luckily you'll only have to remember one of us in the fall, and that's me. I'll also be donning in spring term so hopefully we can hang out then too. I spent this last summer working at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp, which was awesome! However, I am excited to return to Waterloo this fall to continue studying economics in the Arts and Business program. Anyone who has to take ECON 101 in the fall, hit me up and I'd be glad to talk about it. I'm super stoked for a great second year at Grebel and I can't wait to meet you!  

Charlotte Baker - Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Fall/Winter Don - Charlotte BakerHola! My name is Charlotte, I'm in my second year of Global Business and Digital Arts and I am super stoked to be a fall/winter Don! I hail from Waterloo, and have my whole life, so I know the land pretty well. I love to learn and living at Grebel in my first year was one of the best decisions I've ever made! My hobbies include digital design, making videos, eating, hanging with friends and jamming in the practice rooms. I love movies and my favourites include The Princess Bride, The Dark Knight and How To Train Your Dragon. If you are ever trying to find me just open a jar of peanut butter or start blasting musical soundtracks and I'll be there. Also if you ever need to bribe me I accept baked goods and puppies. I can't wait to meet you all!

Madeleine Neufeld - Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Fall/Spring Don - Madeleine NeufeldHi everybody! I'm Madeleine Neufeld and I go by Maddy! I am so excited to be your Fall/Spring Don! I am in second year Arts and Business majoring in Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies, which yea, is a mouthful. Grebel is one of my favourite places in the whole world, living here for the last year has given me the opportunity to learn, grow and be filled with so much joy! The things I love most in the world are hanging out with people, reading, eating popcorn, baking and talking politics. I am outgoing and energetic but love sitting down for heart to hearts. I am excited to welcome the first years and to get to know all of you through this great community who does life together! See you soon! :):):)

Amy McClelland Winter 2018

Winter Don - Amy McClellandHi everyone! My name is Amy and I'm so stocked to be one of your Winter dons! I am going into my third year of Therapeutic Recreation and this will also be my third year calling Grebel home. 

Some things I feel are important for you to know about me are:

1) Rainy days are my favourite days.

2) I strongly believe that donkeys are the best animal out there.

3) I am really good at whistling.

4) I have no sense of direction and could easily get lost in a walk-in closet.

I am so excited to get to know some interesting and important things about all of you, so feel free to track me down for some deep chats, to ask why in the world donkeys are my favourite animal or to hear your favourite song whistled to you live! 

See you soon! 

Andrew Coon - Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Fall/Winter Don - Andrew CoonHey folks! My name’s Andrew and I am very excited to be a don for fall and winter term this year! I have no shortage of experience living at Grebel as I have spent all my terms of school living at Grebel – spending my first two years in residence and my last two years living in the apartments – and since I can’t get enough of Grebel I have decided to spend my last year as a don! This will be my last year at Grebel as I finish my degree in Biomedical Sciences.  I spent this last summer working as the Waterfront Director at Camp Crossroads and although I will miss the beach, I am excited to be coming back to Waterloo!  I love playing guitar and jamming with people, and playing beach volleyball.  I look forward to meeting you all in the fall!

Calvin Mills Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Calvin Mills - Grebel donHaldo! I'll be a don in Fall and Winter. Stop by my room if you ever want to listen to music on the best sound system in the house. Movie nights are a frequent occurrence in The Brotel. With a perpetually open door, I'm always game to pick up some disc or join in a card game. I also love to compose, so if you play any instruments we can definitely jam.

Some of my favorite hobbies at Grebel include getting rowdy about snack nights, watching excellent films with friends, and performing zany acts at term end talent shows.

I can usually be found in my room playing video games with my roommate Jordan Wallace, or in the library trying to convince my fiancee to stop studying and pay attention to me. I've also decided to get in shape this year, so you will probably find me in the gym for the first few weeks. If you ever need a study break, I'm always on one, so stop by and let's procrastinate together!

And remember, if you ever need someone to reach the top shelf, call me!

Neil Brubacher Winter 2018

Winter Don - Neil brubacherOh hey there! I’m Neil, entering my 2A term of Systems Design Engineering here at UW. I’m an avid fan of Grebel’s vibrant community, and am excited and thankful to have the chance to contribute to it as a Don this Winter. You’ll likely find me studying a fair bit, but it’s also been said that, “all he does is watch movies, eat snack and build snowmen” - like any focused, hardworking student, I’m always ready for a fun break (Grebel’s full of them)! In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, refining my foosball skills, and going on 52-day canoe trips in northern Canada. Coincidentally, I love camping, canoeing, and generally being in nature! If you share this passion, or simply want to know why someone would willingly subject themselves to two months of bugs, oatmeal and wet clothes, I’d love to chat. I look forward to meeting you!

Erik Mohr Spring 2018

Spring Don - Erik MohrGreetings!

My name is Erik Mohr, and I will be going into my third year of computer engineering.

I will be one of the dons in spring term, and I am super stoked to be on campus while the weather is nice. When I go outside, I love to take photos of plant life, play frisbee, or go on nice long walks listening to music, all while bedecked in one of my many tropical-themed tank tops.

While indoors, there’s not much I enjoy more than making and/or drinking a good cup of coffee. I love to share my coffee with friends, and will never make a pot without offering to share it! I am always down for a good laugh, and love lively conversation, and if it’s over a cup of coffee, all the better!

I also love music, whether it be listening to it, or playing it. You can very often catch me in the practice rooms with my acoustic guitar learning a new song. If I’m not in the practice rooms, I might be helping to run worship nights, peace society events, or maybe I’m just in the Grebel gym working out.

I’m super excited to be one of your spring term dons, and may the odds ever be in your favour!

Angela Krone Fall 2017

Ahoy! My name is Angela Krone, I’ll be entering 3B term ofFall Don - Angela Krone

Nanotechnology Engineering in the fall. I’m thrilled to be a part of

Grebel’s don team for Fall 2017 and am super excited to meet

Everyone who’s new to Grebel next year. Looking forward to all the

Laughter, fun times, and adventures that await us next year!

A few random facts about me: I love to collect new and memorable

Knick-knacks! My room is filled with odds and ends and most have very

Random and unique stories behind them! My door is always

Open and you can stop in and visit any time - I love company! I will

Never turn down the opportunity for a late-night life chat. And if you

Ever have extra gummy worms, I will GLADLY take them off your hands. 

Can't wait to see you in September!

Catherine Fowler Spring 2018

Spring Don - Catherine FowlerHi all, my name is Catherine, though feel free to call me Cat; I respond to both pretty well. I also respond to the words “Doctor Who,” “Super Smash Bros,” “Jam Sesh?,” and “Magic (the Gathering)” pretty quickly, so if you’d prefer to shout any of those across a room to get my attention, that’s cool with me. I’m going to be a Don in the Spring 2018 term, which will be my fifth term at Grebel and my 3A term of Mechatronics Engineering. Never fear, I will also be around in Fall 2017 as an apartment dweller, sharing an apartment with three ECE guys (no, I’m not crazy...I think). Other fun fact: I’ve fenced épée for about five years now and am trying to keep up with competitive fencing, so if you’re interested in fencing, let me know - I’d love to share what I know with you! (Seriously, I could talk about it for ages, plus there’s a club on campus I can introduce you to.)

I’m super excited for everything that’s to come next year, and I hope you are too!

Spring term best term!

Lynn and Rylan Skelly - 2016-2018

Lynn and Rylan Skelly  Hello! We are excited to be your Campus Hosts! We both have connections to Grebel and love the emphasis on community here. We got married in June 2015 and have been together since 2011. Rylan is finishing the last year of his undergraduate degree in Honours Religious Studies and Lynn graduated with an Honours Arts degree in Social Development Studies. While Rylan is finishing school, Lynn will be working on campus as the Department Assistant in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. We love board games, music, reading, movies, and hanging out with friends. We are excited to see what the year will bring!