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Current Dons and Campus Hosts

2016/2017 Campus Hosts: Lynn and Rylan Skelly

​Fall 2016 Dons: Allison Keyes, Sage Streight, Briar Hunter, Mark Whyte, Jon Shantz

Winter 2017 Dons: Allison Keyes, Sage Streight, Katie Steckly, Mark Whyte, John Hinton

Spring 2017 Dons: Jonathan Smith, Briar Hunter, Jon Shantz

Allison Keyes- Fall 2016/Winter 2017

Allison Keyes Hi, my name is Allison and I'm so excited to be a fall/winter don this year! I'm a fourth year student in Peace and Conflict Studies and Religious Studies. I love heart to hearts, ukuleles, and handwritten cards. I also love to travel and am a big fan of road trips (if you've travelled somewhere cool, I'd really like to hear about it sometime!). I'm looking forward to my final school year, a year I hope is filled with Intramural hockey games and Grebel cookies. I can't wait to meet you!

Jonathan Smith - Spring 2017

Jonathan Smith Hello all.

I go by Jonathan and am in my third year of studying bytes and business at UWaterloo and Wilfred Laurier University.

Conrad Grebel became my home in Waterloo after moving here two years ago from Indonesia. I love hearing stories of the travels people have been on and sharing my own of growing up on an island in the pacific. This love of stories is not confined to verbal communication, as I also love reading (but not library due dates!) and watching a good film. Beyond that, you'll find me outside exploring, playing soccer, or writing music. I've been excited to discover many people at Grebel who excel at all of those things. They are all quite willing to pass on their skills to those of us who are novices. So get ready to join us in a constant cycle of adventure and learning. I look forward to getting to know you as we live together this next year!

Sage Streight - Fall 2016/Winter 2017

Sage StreightHi, I’m Sage Streight! I am going into my second year of Honours Arts, majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. I am donning for Fall/Winter and am super excited for all that the 2016/2017 year will bring at Grebel! I like to pretend to know how to play hockey, I love to drink tea, cuddle cats and play/listen to music! I hope that one day I will own a cow, and I dream that I will travel to India and Greece to enjoy spectacular food and amazing culture. I am really looking forward to hanging out with new and existing Grebelites as well as being apart of the amazing don teams in the upcoming year! See you around! 

Briar Hunter - Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Briar Hunter Hey hey! I’m Briar Hunter, going into my second year of Biology, planning to move to Africa after graduating, and uber excited to be a fall/spring don! I am known for my raucous cheering, intense competitiveness, over-the-top enthusiasm, never-ending socialness, and devious sarcasm! I am always down for a game, particularly a sport, and particularly those involving contact! Fun fact, in my first year I split my ear open playing intramural soccer, got 7 stitches, missed a midterm, and still played contact football the next day… So I’m basically down for anything at anytime! I’m also a terrible procrastinator, so if you need someone to stay up late finishing an assignment with, just check the caf cause I’ll probably be there! Can’t wait to meet you all! Wooooot!<--break->

Jon Shantz - Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Jon Shantz Don Jon here... Oh wait there are three of us! Luckily you'll only have to remember one of us in the fall, and that's me. I'll also be donning in spring term so hopefully we can hang out then too. I spent this last summer working at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp, which was awesome! However, I am excited to return to Waterloo this fall to continue studying economics in the Arts and Business program. Anyone who has to take ECON 101 in the fall, hit me up and I'd be glad to talk about it. I'm super stoked for a great second year at Grebel and I can't wait to meet you!  <--break->

Mark Whyte - Fall 2016/Winter 2017

Mark WhyteHi! I’m Mark, and I’m a third year science student. I will be donning for fall and winter terms. I love reading good books, hanging out with friends and going on adventures.

This next year I am really looking forward to playing lots of board games, volleyball and foosball. I am super excited about coming back to Grebel, and I can’t wait to see you in the fall!



Katie Steckly - Winter 2017

Katie StecklyHey there! I'm Katie, and I'm heading into my third year of Honours Arts, English. I'm super excited to be a winter don! If you want to hang out this winter, I'm always up for playing board games, chatting about Harry Potter and young adult dystopian novels, and of course hitting up all of the Grebel social events! I've been on Student Council and Larger Leadership Team here at Grebel, and I'm stoked to have a new way to be involved in the community. See you in winter! <--break->

John Hinton - Winter 2017

John HintonHey there, my name is  John and I will be one of the Don’s for the winter term. I am very excited to get the opportunity to meet all the great people who will be living in Grebel for the winter. I am going into my 3B term of Mechanical Engineering and I love it! I grew up on a farm in Southern Alberta and I love country music, sports of all kind and the outdoors. I really enjoy a good cup of coffee and almost any type of food, especially Alberta Beef! If you ever want to play a game of pool come and find me in the winter term. See you there!


Lynn and Rylan Skelly - 2016/2017

Lynn and Rylan Skelly  Hello! We are excited to be your Campus Hosts! We both have connections to Grebel and love the emphasis on community here. We got married in June 2015 and have been together since 2011. Rylan is finishing the last year of his undergraduate degree in Honours Religious Studies and Lynn graduated with an Honours Arts degree in Social Development Studies. While Rylan is finishing school, Lynn will be working on campus as the Department Assistant in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. We love board games, music, reading, movies, and hanging out with friends. We are excited to see what the year will bring!