Living in community precipitates the need for a few food rules. Please observe the following while at Grebel:

  • Shirts and footwear (not just socks) must be worn at all times in the dining room.
  • Community is important to us! Sit at a table with other students before starting a new table.
  • There are two racks for dirty dishes – fill up one side before starting the other side.
  • If you empty the 2% or Chocolate milk, please change the milk bag yourself – if you don’t know how, ask a kitchen staff person.
  • Eat all of the food that you take and take only what you will eat. It’s better to come back for seconds, thirds or fourths, if you’d like more.
  • No cafeteria food or beverages are allowed outside of the dining room.
  • Do not feed cafeteria food to animals or to people who have not paid for an all-you-can-eat meal.
  • Organic waste should be separated into the green bins before you put your dirty dishes onto the rack. This includes items such as tea bags, food scraps, serviettes, bones, etc. For a more complete list, see the poster in the tray return cove.

Thanks for your cooperation!