Cheri OtterbeinCheri Otterbein

I’ve been working in the food services industry since I was 15 years old, earlier if you count the meals made at home under my mom’s skillful guidance. I graduated from Centralia College of Agricultural Technology with a diploma in food services management and worked for a variety of nursing homes, restaurants and catering companies before landing at Grebel in 1990.

I’ve taken cooking classes in Thailand and Vietnam. The most unusual thing I’ve eaten is roasted guinea pig in Ecuador (and no, it doesn’t taste like chicken). When not at Grebel, you might find me curled up with a good book, practicing my warrior moves in a yoga class, riding my bike, or travelling the world with my trusty back pack which is older than any Grebel resident.

Ljiljana IlicLjiljana Ilic

My name is Ljiljana Ilic.  I moved to Canada from Croatia in April 1999.  I have a beautiful family with my husband and our three daughters.

I started working in food services at Conrad Grebel in August 2011.  I get to work with an amazing team every day and meet wonderful students.  I started cooking when I was young and baking is my favorite hobby, especially with friends and family. 

Janet MartinJanet Martin

I’ve been at Grebel since 1983. I enjoy baking and cooking and find it very rewarding when I get compliments from the students. When I’m not at work, I enjoy gardening and helping milk the cows on my brother’s farm.

Loretta MartinLoretta Martin

I started at Grebel in Aug. 1984. I learned to cook and bake at a young age because of my large family (2 parents, 3 sisters, and nine brothers). I have learned many helpful tips from my wonderful co-workers. Over the years, I have done an enormous amount of cooking and baking. It gives a feeling of satisfaction when 140 - 160 students merrily go on their way because of well filled stomachs.

Judy DyckJudy Dyck

I’ve been working at Grebel since 1984. I enjoy assisting the cooks and putting away groceries. When not at Grebel, I like to keep busy with volunteering at Generations Thrift Store, doing puzzles, reading and singing the in church choir.

Annette FarwellAnnette Farwell

I’ve been at Grebel since 2002. I started as a food services assistant and then advanced to cooking which I enjoy very much. Being an fsa and cook is rewarding and sometimes challenging but I enjoy the multi-tasking. Working at Grebel has been quite a blessing. When not at work, I enjoy biking, walking and doing puzzles.

Millie VargasMilly Vargas

Hola, mi nombre is Milagro Vargas y me conocen como Milly. Comence a formar parte de este grandiose equipo en el año 2003 donde he pasado unos Años muy felices al lado de todas me compañeras y de mi jefe, por eso quiero expresar mi agrademimiento portodo el apoyo y la ayuda que he recibidio.


lorieLorie Yantzi

“Hospitality is simply love in action.  It has much more to do with the resources of a generous heart than with sufficiency of food or space.” 

Since coming to Grebel in May of 2016, I have been impressed with the efforts of the kitchen team to make our home here, a home for all who pass through the doors and gather around the table.

Being involved with food in some capacity has been one thread in a diverse tapestry that has continued to be woven through my work and life.  Since graduating with a BSc in Food and Nutrition and completing an internship at Hamilton Health Sciences, most of my focus with food has been health related and I have been grateful for the opportunities to practice with folks in different life stages and circumstances.  I am glad to be part of the staff at Grebel, have time to be a Mom and - just maybe - continue to plug away at learning a few fiddle tunes!

As the Assistant Food Services Manager, I welcome your input on the food services provided at Grebel and hope you feel nourished and “at home” during your stay.

RadmillaRadmila Vujosevic

My name is Radmila Vujosevic.  I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Due to the war that broke out in my home country, I’ve lived in several different countries.  I have worked many different jobs such as accountant, math teacher, pizza maker and now as a food services assistant and cook at Grebel since August 2016.  I am really happy to work here and feel grateful to have met so many great people here at Conrad Grebel.

I have two children, a daughter and a son.  My daughter studies at University of Waterloo and my son is at student at Conestoga College.

TylerTyler Allen

I have been working at Grebel as a kitchen assistant since September 2013.  Some highlights of my job include talking to the students and helping prepare the homemade pizza and smoothies.  When I’m not having fun at my job I enjoy playing video games, drawing, watching movies and cheering for the Kitchener Rangers.

Jessica Jessica Marchand

My name is Jessica Marchand.  I have been working at Grebel since August 2016 and hold the honour of being the youngest staff member in the kitchen.  My first job was in a restaurant and I have worked with food at Sobeys and at camp before arriving here.  I like to travel and have been to Florida, Texas and the Muskokas.  My favourite part about working here is that everyone is very friendly and the staff are all hard workers. 

NicoleNicole Dietrich

I joined the Grebel kitchen in summer of 2016.  I pursued my culinary dream in the past few years working with a catering company and as a personal chef.  Coming to Grebel has rounded out the experience and taught me more.  When not at Grebel, I can be found living out my other true passion  - farming!  Agriculture has always been a huge part of my life.  I love being able to tie agriculture and the food industry together in my life and work.

SusanSusan Bauman

Reading, 4 part harmony singing, enjoying a variety of other music, painting, enjoying all things of beauty (particularly landscapes), as well as good, homemade cooking are passions of mine. The latter is where I have spent most of my time so it was a natural fit to come work in a setting doing what I love, in the college of my church, whose identity is a part of mine. I live in Elmira and have a husband and 3 daughters.