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Grebel is far more than a place to eat, study and sleep. We want you to be involved! In fact, it's been shown that a dose of extra-curricular involvement helps you be successful academically.

Student Council

Winter 2019  
President: Madeleine Neufeldt
Vice President:

Peter Missiuna

Secretary: Angela Krone
Treasurer: Jeremy Metzger
Social Convener: Mary McPhee
Associate Rep(s): Jackson Brown and Erik Mohr
Co-op Rep: Hannah Hill
First Year Rep(s): Hanne Kuhnert and Nick Decker

Larger Leadership Team

Winter 2019  
Special Projects: Abi Klassen and Anna Kuepfer
Food Rep: Kristin Mellema
Athletic Rep(s): Ariana Neceski and Bryce Kuepfer
Grebelspeaks Editor(s): Niki Wibisono and Connie Chong
Enviro Rep(s): Elasha Wilson and Jonah Thiessen
Webmasters: Hannah Bernstein and Stuart Matthews
Yearbook Editor(s): Lexi Plante and Leah Schilstra
Peace Society Rep: Serena Laverty and Margie McCloskey
Garden Rep:  
FLOW: Elora Neufeld and Sarah Martin
Gents: David Austin and Michael Zhang
QuAQ: Jack Dunne-Mucklow and Josh Rampersad

Chapel Team Winter 2019

Andre Wiederkehr, Ben Klassen, Elaina Mohr, Marisa Duncan, Miriam Lindsay, Nathaniel Kim, Rebekah Lindsay, Suomi MacCarthy, Theo Wiederkehr, and Yeabsra Agonfer, Erik Mohr

Student Ambassadors

Winter 2019: Sage Streight, Meg Kish, Lexi Plante, Ananya Xavier