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Grebel is far more than a place to eat, study and sleep. We want you to be involved! In fact, it's been shown that a dose of extra-curricular involvement helps you be successful academically.

Student Council

President:                          Mark Whyte  

Vice President:                   Madeleine Neufeld

Secretary:                         John Hinton

Treasurer:                          Peter Missiuna

Social Convener:                Alex Skipper

Associate Reps:                  Amelia Baker & Leah Coon

Co-op Rep:                        Briar Hunter

Male Frosh Rep:                

Female Frosh Rep:         

Larger Leadership Team Winter 2018

Special Projects:           Margie McCloskey and Lorena Diller Harder     

Food Rep:                    Natalka Zurakowsky

Athletic Reps:               Rebecca Koole and Kritnoor Singh

Grebelspeaks Editors:    Mykayla Turner and Julianna Suderman

Environmental Reps:      Zoe Andres and Katrina Steckle

Yearbook Editor:            Esther Wonder

Solar Grebel:                 n/a

Peace Society:               Boshrah Fanous and Cassidy Wagler

FLOW:                           Abby Lobert and Kyra Woudsma

GENTS:                         Dan Schuurman and Nathaniel Trimboli

Webmasters:                 Angela Krone and Aaron Silver

GOC:                            Andrew Coon, Angela Krone and Amy McClelland


Abby Lobert, Alex Skipper, Amy Reimer, Brandon McMurray, Brendan Power, Brent VanRooyen, Briar Hunter, Cassidy Wagler, Derek Toews, Eren Rudy, Esther Wonder, Jacob Meyer-Reed, Josh Garcia, Justin Wagler, Leah Coon, Lindsay Krahn, Margie McCloskey, Mhari Reid, Mykayla Turner, Natalka Zurakowsky, Olivia Cullen, Paisley Janzen, Suomi MacCarthy, Tara Tuinstra, Tia Tuinstra, Zoe Andres

Chapel Team Winter 2018

Alana Hawton, Amelia Baker, Micah B-Z, Theo Wiederkehr, Zoe Andres, Amelia Marfisi, Chelsea Campbell, Marisa Duncan, Matthew Chase, Elaina Mohr, Joseph Tafese

Student Ambassadors Winter 2018

Lynea Brubacher-Kaethler, Hannah James, Margie McCloskey, Zoe Andres