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Student Council

  • works in consultation with the Director of Student Services to oversee student initiated programs,
  • manages the student activity fee,
  • funds a wide range of extra-curricular activities, and
  • contributes in setting the direction of college life.

The president of the student body serves as its chairperson. Members are elected or appointed, depending on the position.

Elected members of Student Council are:

Fall 2016


Mika Driedger

Vice- President Ben Bonsma
Secretary Jessalyn Teed
Treasurer Dan Schuurman
Social Convener Katie Bentz
Associate Reps Jenny Farlow and Jacob Rudy-Froese
Co-op Rep Katrina Sikkens
Male Frosh Rep  
Female Frosh Rep  

Student Council has brought you:

  • upgrades to the student lounges including furniture and electronics and games,
  • upgrades to the building specifically things like wheelchair accessibility in the Great Hall,
  • policy changes including the annual switching of males/females on the third and fourth floor,
  • Flap Jack Fridays,
  • Mocktails! Dances,
  • and so much more!

Election times for Student Council elections are at the beginning of September, January, and March.

The Student Council constitution can be found in your residence or apartment handbook.

Minutes from Student Council meetings are posted on the bulletin board in the hallway near Student Services.