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The Larger Leadership Team (LLT) is an extension of Student Council.

LLT consist of a group of students appointed to represent specific interests within the Grebel student body. 

These roles are defined in Section III of the Residence Handbook.

Appointed members of the Larger Leadership Team:

Winter 2017

Special Projects: Abby Lobert and Liz Pfisterer
Food Rep: Charlotte Baker
Athletic Reps: Graeme Blondon and Nanthaniel Trimboli
Grebelspeaks Editors: Andrew Cullar and Brandon McMurray
Environmental Reps: Brianna Bennett and Hannah Hill
FLOW: Katie Bosveld and Mhari Reid
Solar Grebel n/a
Peace Society Madeleine Neufeld and Will Allen
Yearbook Kelsey Ramseyer
Gents Nico Werschler and Josh Garcia
Webmasters Paul Lingertat and Brendan Power
Also Fall 2017... FROSH LEADERS!!!
Grebel Orientation Committee (GOC) Angela Krone, Amy McClelland, Andrew Coon
Orientation Week Leaders (OWLS)  

LLT is responsible for such things as:

  • Spice tray,
  • MAD Market,
  • Grebelwear, and
  • and much, much more!

Elections times for Larger Leadership Team positions will be announced at Community Supper.

Constitutional details about Larger Leadership Team can be found in your Residence Handbook.