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Spirituality and Aging Seminar

Spirituality, Aging & Narrative: The Sacred Art of Story Listening

Friday, November 16, 2018
Presented by Bill Randall,
MDiv, EdD

When someone says ‘That’s the story of my life’, what do you understand them to mean? Is their story one of liberation or loss? Is it a tragedy, a comedy, a romance, an adventure? Is it rooted in a larger story, of a people, a community, a family, a faith? In the morning session we will explore the intersections between spirituality and narrative, and between narrative and aging, focusing on both the unique developmental tasks of later life, and the challenges aging poses to our stories.  The afternoon will introduce the sacred art of storylistening and prepare participants to provide narrative care.


Bill Randall

Bill RandallBill Randall, MDiv, EdD, is Professor of Gerontology at St. Thomas University. Prior to entering academic life, he was a minister with the United Church of Canada, serving pastorates in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick. A graduate of Harvard, Princeton Seminary, and the University of Toronto, he is author or co-author of over 60 scholarly publications on topics related to "narrative gerontology", with a special interest in the importance of "narrative care" with older adults. Among his books are: Reading Our Lives: The Poetics of Growing Old (with Elizabeth McKim, Oxford UP, 2008) and The Narrative Complexity of Ordinary Life: Tales from the Coffee Shop (Oxford 2015).


The Spirituality and Aging Program

Spirituality and Aging is a program area of the Research Institute for Aging. Its two-fold purpose is to promote and disseminate research in the field of spirituality and aging that will enhance the well-being of older adults; and to be a resource to students, community clergy, chaplains, and caregivers through university classes, public lectures, and workshops.

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