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Thanks to the generosity of many Grebel donors we have 20 awards and scholarships amounting to about $100,000 to offer Grebel returning residents and associates. Typically, ~70 students receive award money from Grebel each year.

Important things to note:

Before you start: The application form cannot be saved so once you start, you'll need to keep going. We anticipate 20-30 minutes to complete, so plan accordingly.

Returning student is defined as anyone who has been part of the Grebel community as an OCR, resident, apartment dweller or off-campus associate for a minimum of one term and intends on being part of the residence community as an OCR, resident, apartment dweller or off-campus associate in Fall 2020, Winter 2021 or Spring 2021.

Off-Campus Residents (OCRs) are considered residents for the purposes of award and scholarship consideration.

Upcoming contract refers to a residence or apartment contract that the student will hold during Fall 2020, Winter 2021 or Spring 2021.

Note to those who will not be holding an upcoming contract Many awards/scholarships are intended to financially enable Grebel students to continue living at Grebel as residents or apartment dwellers. The Jacob Andres Award, Robin Jutzi Scholarship, Matthew 25:35 Award and the Upper Year Award, however, do not require an upcoming resident or apartment contract. Therefore, for the sake of expediency, for the other 16 awards we would suggest that when you are asked 'are you interested in applying...'  then answer 'no' and move to the next award.

OSAP eligibility refers to Ontario students who will receive OSAP funding for the term(s) when the award will be dispersed. If you think you will be OSAP eligible but don't know for sure, say 'yes' to the question acknowleging that funds will not be dispersed until proof of OSAP eligibility is shown.

Note: we encourage all Ontario students to apply for OSAP. Why? OSAP eligiblibilty opens doors for co-op jobs, awards applications and more... even if you just get a little bit!

Grebel awards are based on involvement and contribution to the Grebel community.

Grebel scholarships are based on involvement and contribution to the Grebel community and additionally require a specific grade point average (GPA).

The application deadline for Grebel returning student awards and scholarships is in January of each year (dates vary from year to year but are generally the Sunday following the first week of class). If you are applying for a scholarship or award after the deadline, please talk to Mary or Rebekah before applying.

Grebel bursaries are need-based financial assistance and are not included in this application. Grebel residents and associates can apply for Grebel bursaries once per term. To find information about Grebel bursaries follow the need-based bursaries link.

Grebel wants to honour involvement, contribution and commitment through these awards and scholarships. We're happy you are applying! If you have any questions or concerns before you start, see Mary Brubaker-Zehr.

Note: You may apply for as many of the 20 awards/scholarships for which you meet the eligibility requirements.