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Student Ambassadors are some of the extremely helpful people you will meet when coming to Grebel. These folks will take you on a tour and tell you all the "behind the scenes" stuff you need to know about coming to university!

Please email or call us at 519-885-0220 x24215 to arrange a tour!

Zoe Andres

Student Ambassador Zoe with Grebel Cookie mascotHi! My name is Zoe Andres, I am in my second year of Honours Arts Psychology with a minor in Music and I am super excited to be back in residence at Grebel! In addition to being a student ambassador, I am an Orientation Week Leader and one of two Environment representatives on Larger Leadership Team!

One of my favourite things about Grebel are fantastic group of people who live here and how easy it is to get involved. Whether this is by playing an intramural sport (I highly recommend beginner hockey even if you’ve never played before. Ask me about it when you come for a tour!), joining a musical ensemble or just hanging out in the games lounge for an hour with friends, there’s something for everyone. It’s also super easy to get to know everyone at meal times, snack nights and while wandering the halls. These opportunities have given me the chance to meet some great new people and form amazing friendships I couldn’t imagine making anywhere else.

I look forward to meeting you and showing you this place I am so thankful to call my home away from home!

Hannah James

Student Ambassador Hannah

Hello, my name is Hannah James and I am in my third year of Knowledge Integration! I am excited to be returning to the Grebel community this fall! I have lived in residence at Grebel for two years and I will be living in the apartments this fall. 

One of my favourite things about Grebel is how welcoming and open the community is; when I arrived in first year I felt immediately at home. I love being able to walk down the hallway or the cafeteria and see familiar and friendly faces. Grebel eased my transition to university by encouraging and facilitating friendships and a support system that I still enjoy today. Additionally, the Grebel community has encouraged me to try new things, like beginner intramural hockey!

I look forward to meeting you this fall to show you what an exciting and welcoming place Grebel is! 

Micah Kim

Student Ambassador Micah

Hello! My name is Micah Kim, and I will be starting my 2A term of Co-op Kinesiology this fall. After an adventure of a first year spent living at Conrad Grebel University College, I have decided to make my second year of study just as exciting by staying in residence at Grebel again!

In my first year at Grebel, I had the wonderful opportunity to be guided through the processes of being a first year student by the many warm and welcoming upper-years who were also residents at Grebel. Getting to know them helped to ease me into university life without undue stress as well as immerse me in the upbeat and inclusive culture of Grebel that has come to define my university experience. I love taking part in Grebel's many student events throughout the year, getting to know the off-campus residents and associates who frequent the games lounge, and helping out at open houses where I get to meet new students! Perhaps my favourite memory of my first year is my experience in the pit orchestra in Grebel's production of the musical “Music Man”. In my spare time, I also like to take advantage of Grebel’s basement space for its conduciveness to study and its gym and beautiful surrounding neighbourhood for early morning workouts and runs (so feel free to come exercise with me!).

I am exhilarated at the prospect of getting to know you and I am delighted to show you more on why Grebel is my home away from home!

Cassidy Wagler

Student Ambassador CassidyHello! My name is Cassidy Wagler and I am in my second year of studying Peace & Conflict Studies and Sociology. I’m excited to be back in Grebel residence for the fall and winter terms. As well as being an ambassador for the fall term, I will be an Orientation Week Leader and, Peace Rep for the fall/winter.

Living at Grebel has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The amazing people I have met and the opportunities that Grebel has to offer is just incredible. Being involved in intramurals was so much fun! While adjusting to University can be a difficult transition, Grebel is unique because the residence has both first years and upper years living in it. This allowed a great support system for me as an incoming first year, as I was able to learn from the upper years who had previously been in my shoes. Participating in Chandler Mowat’s Homework Help weekly and MCC’s Toronto Ontario Opportunity for Learning and Serving (TOOLS) are ways that Grebel allows their students to serve. These are just a few of the many ways that the Grebel community has already had a positive impact during my time at the University of Waterloo.

I cannot wait to meet the future students and to show them that there is no other place like Grebel!

Zoe | Hannah | Micah | Cassidy