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Off-campus options

There are two off-campus options for first year students here at Conrad Grebel. Off-Campus Residents and Associates are students who enjoy many of the same privileges and responsibilities as any resident student, including full participation in the college's academic, religious, musical, athletic and social life. These are students who wish to be a part of the Grebel community, but who live at home or off-campus.


Off-Campus Resident

Every year, Grebel receives more applications for its residence than available bed spaces. In order to accommodate as many students as possible, Grebel has an Off-Campus Resident program. In this program, a first year student lives off campus for the Fall term and holds either a Winter or Spring term residence contract at Grebel. These students are affectionately known as OCRs!

You will enjoy:

  • all your meals and snacks in the Grebel cafeteria.
  • playing on sports teams.
  • having locker spaces.
  • participating in all residence events including Student Council, etc.

You don't need to apply to this program separately. If our residence if full, we will contact you about spaces in the Off-Campus Resident program.

For more information, contact Pam Bartel of Student Services.

Off-Campus Associate

Off-Campus Associates are students who do not live on the Grebel property but still want to have a relationship with Grebel. You may associate with Grebel if you are on academic or work term.

If you are applying to Grebel for the first time, the future students webpages will also be helpful to you.

Why become a Grebel associate?

  • Grebel snacks three times a week 
  • Intramurals at Grebel
  • Your own locker at Grebel
  • Access to all of Grebel's facilities
  • Associates events (i.e. flapjack Fridays, potlucks, mocktails, etc)
  • Residence social events
  • Access to the bike storage or hockey equipment storage*
  • Awesome Grebelwear
  • Email updates
  • Community Supper*
  • End of Term Banquet*

How to become a Grebel associate?

  1. Apply online.

    - I have not been formally connected to Grebel in the past - I am applying to associate for the first time.
    - I have been formally connected to Grebel in the past - I am applying to be an associate in an upcoming term.

  2. Fill out the Optional Services Form.

  3. Pay the fees.

    You may pay your fees through online banking, by cheque or with cash. If using online banking, enter Conrad Grebel University College as your payee and use your UW Student ID as the account number.

Privileges enjoyed by off-campus students

  • Open invitation to all Grebel activities including Fall and Winter Orientation events, Student Council ​events, Community Suppers, chapels, and end of term banquets.
  • Participation in athletic teams.
  • Use of Grebel facilities, including the study lounge, television lounges, games room, lockers and a mailbox.
  • Access to and inclusion in newsletters, college newspaper, address/phone lists, and more.
  • Access to a parking sticker (as available) at student cost.
  • Opportunity for part-time employment.