IMPORTANT - How COVID 19 is affecting perspective Grebel residents:                   

1. Applications for residence are still being accepted!                     

2. You can take a virtual tour with Peter and Naomi online!               

3. You can connect with Rebekah (recruitment coordinator) over email to ask questions.                                                                           

4.  In-person tours are not happening at this time and March Break Open House has been cancelled.                                                          

5. You can sign up to be notified when tours will resume.

Students having fun.

Student life is an important part of your university experience. It plays a vital role in both your comfort and personal growth throughout your degree. So, how does student life at Grebel help you to be both comfortable and to stretch and grow? Here are some Q&A's from Grebel students to help you answer your questions!

 Grebel’s residence program requires an application and interview. This process helps engage you in everything student life at Grebel has to offer. Apply today to be part of our Fall, Winter and/or Spring residence community!