Kitchen and Dining Room Construction

New Grebel Kitchen

Construction Updates - Read before you visit

  • The Dining Room is unavailable. Dining room tables and chairs have been transferred to the Atrium, which will be the makeshift eating space until the end of August. Travel between the Academic side of the building (Atrium, Classrooms, Meeting rooms) and the Residence (Chapel, Student Services) requires going outside across the patio.
  • A section of the patio is fenced off along the Dining Room windows.
  • The residence driveway and kitchen loading dock are inaccessible for the duration of the project. The north end of our building (including the Chapel) can be accessed via the service road.

Contact Mimi Browne if you have any construction-related questions prior to your visit.

The Building Project

Since Conrad Grebel University College was first built more than 55 years ago, the residence has grown, apartments were added, and our classrooms, library, archives, and other academic program spaces have all expanded dramatically. However, our kitchen and dining room are largely the same as they were in 1964. It’s now time to reinvest in these important facilities.  

To accommodate our growing community, we are building a new kitchen and dining room. The project includes a student pantry, as well as an elevator and staircase to the chapel foyer.

Learn more about this project and the Fill the Table campaign.

See the final building design plans.