Stephen A. Jones

The Conrad Grebel Review 20, no.3 (Fall 2002)


Special lectures mark this issue of The Conrad Grebel Review, which is largely devoted to the work and thought of noted American theologian Stanley Hauerwas, who is the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina. We take pride in presenting lectures given by Hauerwas at Conrad Grebel University College in March of this year. The two addresses on Dietrich Bonhoeffer constituted the 2002 Bechtel Lectures, a recently established series named in honor of donor Lester Bechtel.

These lectures and several related pieces, all skillfully introduced by James Reimer, comprise the “tribute to Hauerwas” section of this issue. Readers
will appreciate Reimer’s personal perspective and his insights into the deeper, “grain of the universe” aspects of Hauerwas’s theology.

In a different — but, we think, complementary — vein we offer another
special address, the sixteenth annual Benjamin Eby Lecture, given in October 2001 by Kenneth Hull, an associate professor of music and director of the Institute for Worship and the Arts at Conrad Grebel University College. Hull explores “Text, Music, and Meaning in Congregational Song,” using the familiar hymn “Amazing Grace” to illustrate the dynamic interaction of text and music.

For a diversion from all these lectures, if you need one, we provide a
spate of book reviews as well, covering recent releases in Biblical studies,
history, and other subjects.

This issue of the Review also sees a change in personnel. After five years as the journal’s editor, Marlene Epp has relinquished that role in order to devote herself to administrative and academic duties at Conrad Grebel University College, where she serves as Academic Dean. Arnold Snyder, the Review’s former editor, has returned as academic editor, while I have taken over as managing editor. Hildi Froese Tiessen continues as literary editor, Arthur Paul Boers as book review editor, and Carol Lichti as circulation manager. (Special thanks to Lauren Anderson for tape transcription for this issue.)

All of us on the Review’s production team appreciate the support offered
by our authors, peer reviewers, book reviewers, subscribers, and readers. We look forward to continuing and enhancing our association with you as our journal enters its third decade of publication. We welcome manuscripts from members of the Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholars Network — and equally from other writers and researchers — who share our interest in thoughtful, sustained discussion of spirituality, ethics, theology, and culture from a broadly-based Mennonite perspective.

Stephen A. Jones, Managing Editor