C. Arnold Snyder, Stephen A. Jones

The Conrad Grebel Review 24, no. 2 (Spring 2006)


Most of this present issue explores the theme of John Howard Yoder (1927- 1997) as historian. Yoder was constantly asking unique questions of historical sources—as he himself acknowledged. He was pressing sources for answers that differed conspicuously from those sought by academic historians. What Yoder had in mind while “doing history” was theological ethics, a term that fairly well represents his over-arching concerns. If we recognize this motivation, we can more accurately assess his work in its original context— and also see more clearly its continuing relevance for ours. Many of Yoder’s questions remain with us today, and are not merely curiosities of one man’s intellectual biography. Articles by Arnold Snyder, Stephen Dintaman, and Hanspeter Jecker deal directly with this theme, while an essay by Paul Heidebrecht takes Yoder into new, uncharted territory. A book review by Paul Doerksen of Yoder’s doctoral studies, recently published in English, completes this part of the issue.

The rest of this issue presents the latest Benjamin Eby Lecture, given by Hildi Froese Tiessen at Conrad Grebel University College in November 2005. This lecture, the eighteenth in the long-running series, may be many readers’ first introduction to Mennonite man-of-letters Ephraim Weber (1870-1956).

* * * * *

Our Fall 2006 issue will focus on the Lord’s Supper, and will also include a Reflection by Thomas Finger on the Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches, held in February 2006 in Brazil. As our issues are becoming filled to overflowing with full-length articles, we are struggling to accommodate in a timely fashion the book reviews that are a traditional and integral part of our publishing agenda. For the time being, we direct readers to our website, where the latest reviews are being posted on an experimental basis. Visit www.grebel.uwaterloo.ca/academic/cgreview. We are planning to get these same reviews into print as soon as possible. Meanwhile, let us know what you think of the experiment.

C. Arnold Snyder, Academic Editor       Stephen A. Jones, Managing Editor