Jeremy M. Bergen, Stephen A. Jones

The Conrad Grebel Review 28, no. 2 (Spring 2010)


We are pleased to present this special issue on teaching the Bible. Some months ago we invited a number of scholars who identify themselves as Anabaptist or Mennonite and are teaching in various institutional settings to consider submitting material for this issue. At the time, we said we were “seeking to take a fresh look at a subject that is of perennial interest but, somewhat surprisingly, has not been covered in CGR before.”

We invited traditional academic essays as well as personal reflections. Invitees were not given strict guidelines, but they were asked to consider such matters as pedagogical challenges and opportunities, the relation of faith to critical methodologies, the question of an “Anabaptist agenda,” and the criteria for success in teaching the Bible.

We are delighted with the response we received, and we heartily thank everyone who made a submission. Our hope is that the papers chosen for publication will provide a stimulating cross-section of views, engender a lively conversation, suggest directions for the future, and offer helpful guidance for practitioners. We are grateful to Dr. Nadine Pence, Director of the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, for providing the insightful Afterword.

Also included in this issue are book reviews on a wide range of subjects. New reviews are posted regularly on academic/cgreview/reviews.shtml.

* * * * *

Upcoming are an issue on the theme of “International Justice and Reconciliation: Challenges and Opportunities for the Peace Church Tradition”; an issue devoted to a discussion of the book Nonviolence – A Brief History: The Warsaw Lectures (lectures given by John Howard Yoder in 1983, never before published); and omnibus issues featuring articles on diverse topics.

We draw readers’ attention again to CGR’s new cohort of Consulting Editors – see inside front cover – who are actively engaged in shaping CGR’s overall direction. We encourage readers to submit Articles and Reflections for consideration, and of course we are always happy to welcome new subscribers.

Jeremy M. Bergen, Academic Editor      Stephen A. Jones, Managing Editor