Jeremy M. Bergen and Stepehn A. Jones

The Conrad Grebel Review 29, no, 1 (Winter 2011)


In this issue we are pleased to offer four articles related to the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Mennonite Central Committee. These articles were originally presented as papers at a two-day conference held at Akron, Pennsylvania in June 2010. Three of the articles examine aspects of the history of MCC activity in India, Vietnam, and Canada, while the fourth offers a biblical perspective on the ministry of both MCC and the church in general. 

We thank Alain Epp Weaver, Director of the MCC’s Program Development Department and organizer of the conference, for bringing these papers to our attention -- and for assisting us in the production process. He is also the editor of a volume of additional papers from the conference bearing the same title as the event itself: A Table of Sharing: Mennonite Central Committee and the Expanding Networks of Mennonite Identity (Cascadia, March 2011).

We are equally delighted to present in this issue “God is Closer to Poetry than Religion,” a Literary Refraction by Julia Spicher Kasdorf. Also included are book reviews on a variety of subjects (these and other new reviews are posted at reviews.shtml). We are grateful to all our authors, peer-reviewers, and book reviewers, as well as our Literary Editor Hildi Froese Tiessen and Book Review Editor Arthur Boers, for their contributions to this issue.

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The Fall 2011 issue will be devoted to a discussion of the newly-published Nonviolence – A Brief History: The Warsaw Lectures, a set of addresses given by John Howard Yoder in 1983. Other upcoming issues will include articles such as “Destructive Obedience: US Military Training and Culture as a Parody of Christian Discipleship” and “Ecopacifism and the Anabaptist Vision,” and the annual Eby and Bechtel lectures given at Conrad Grebel University College.

Jeremy M. Bergen                        

Academic Editor                                                                

 Stephen A. Jones

Managing Editor