The Conrad Grebel Review 36, no. 1 (Winter 2018).


With this issue, Derek Suderman begins his tenure as editor of The Conrad Grebel Review (CGR). He joins the ranks of CGR’s distinguished editors during its first 35 years: founding editor Walter Klaassen (1983-1987), Rodney Sawatsky (1988-1990), Arnold Snyder (1991-1997; 2003-2009), Marlene Epp (1998-2002), and Jeremy Bergen (2009-2017).

The CGR editorial board, comprising the editorial staff, faculty members of Conrad Grebel University College, and external scholars, is responsible for the journal’s overall intellectual direction and content. The journal’s board members and staff appreciate the counsel provided by a team of consulting editors.

CGR will continue to honor its mandate as a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal of Christian inquiry devoted to advancing thoughtful, sustained discussions of theology, peace, society, and culture from
broadly-based Anabaptist/Mennonite perspectives. The journal welcomes submissions of articles or reflections in keeping with this mandate, as well as brief responses to published articles.

W. Derek Suderman, Editor
Stephen A. Jones, Managing Editor

April 2018