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Fall 2011

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2011Nonviolence – A Brief History: The Warsaw Lectures


  • Introduction
    Paul H. Martens
  • Is Warsaw Clase Enough? Reader Yoder’s "Nonviolence – A Brief History" in Kenya
    Ann K. Riggs
  • The Wild Peace (not) of John Howard  Yoder: Reflections on "Nonviolence – A Brief History"
    Romand Coles
  • On 'Seeing' Nonviolence in 1983: Nonviolence and Ecclesiology in Hauerwas and Yoder
    Matthew Porter and Myles Wentz
  • Toward Realistic Pacifism: John Howard Yoder and the Theory and Practice of Nonviolent Peacemaking
    David Cortright
  • The "Ecumenical" and "Cosmopolitan" Yoder: A Critical Engagement with "Nonviolence – A Brief History" and Its Editors
    Mark Thiessen Nation
  • Nonviolence and Shabbat
    Peter Ochs

Book reviews

  • Anne Krabill Hershberger.
    Sexuality: God’s Gift (second edition)
    Scottdale, PA/Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 2010
    Reviewed by Susanne Guenther Loewen
  • John D. Roth.
    Teaching that transforms: Why Anabaptist-Mennonite Education Matters
    Scottdale, PA/Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 2011
    Reviewed by David M. Csinos
  • J. Nelson Kraybill.
    Apocalyse and Allegienance: Worship, Politics, and Devotion in the book of Revelation
    Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2010
    Reviewed by Ted Grimsrud
  • Lenora Tisdale Tubbs.
    Prophetic Preaching: A Pastoral Approach
    Loisville, KY: Westminister John Know Press, 2010
    Reviewed by Allan Rudy-Froese


Spring 2011

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2011Articles

  • Destructive Obedience: US Military Training and Culture as a Parody of Christian Discipleship
    Michael J. Iafrate
  • John Howard Yoder: Naysayer or Yes Man? A Response to James Brenneman’s “New School of Thought”
    Andrew Suderman
  • Nonviolent God: Critical Analysis of a Contemporary Argument
    Darrin W. Snyder Belousek
  • Eco-pacifism and the Anabaptist Vision
    Matthew Eaton

Book reviews

  • Yorifumi Yaguchi.
    The Wing-Beaten Air: My Life and My Writing.
    Intercourse, PA: Good Books, 2008.
    Reviewed by Ann Hostetler
  • Stuart Murray.
    The Naked Anabaptist: The Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith.
    Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 2010.
    Reviewed by Jonathan Seiling
  • Richard Kauffman.
    An American in Persia: A Pilgrimage to Iran.
    Telford, PA: Cascadia, 2010.
    Reviewed by Roy Hange
  • Peter Dula and Chris K. Huebner, eds.
    The New Yoder.
    Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2010.
    Reviewed by Andy Brubacher Kaethler
  • James Davison Hunter.
    To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World.
    Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.
    Reviewed by Elmer Thiessen
  • Theron F. Schlabach.
    War, Peace and Social Conscience: Guy F. Hershberger and Mennonite Ethics.
    Scottdale, PA and Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 2009.
    Reviewed by Brian Froese
  • Jeremy M. Bergen and Anthony G. Siegrist, eds.
    Power and Practices: Engaging the Work of John Howard Yoder.
    Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 2009.
    Reviewed by D. Stephen Long


Winter 2011

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2011Articles

  • Calcutta Connections: Mennonite Service in India
    Earl Zimmerman
  • Carrying a Weight Beyond its Numbers: Fifty-Five Years of
    People-Centered Development in Vietnam
    Paul Shetler Fast
  • Exploring the Gap Between Mennonite and Indigenous Neighbors:
    Snapshots from the Story of Native Concerns, MCC Canada
    Neil Funk-Unrau
  • In Search of Divine Wisdom: Perspectives on the Church and
    MCC from Old Testament Wisdom
    W. Derek Suderman

Literary refraction

  • ‘God is Closer to Poetry than Religion’
    Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Book reviews

  • Megan Shore.
    Religion and Conflict Resolution: Christianity and South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
    Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2009.
    Reviewed by Lisa Schirch
  • John D. Rempel, ed.
    Jörg Maler’s Kunstbuch: Writings of the Pilgram Marpeck Circle.
    Kitchener, ON: Pandora Press, 2010.
    Reviewed by Ron Kenne
  • Gerald W. Schlabach.
    Unlearning Protestantism: Sustaining Christian Community in an Unstable Age.
    Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2010.
    Reviewed by Ryan Klassen
  • Alvin Dueck and Kevin Reimer.
    A Peaceable Psychology: Christian Therapy in a World of Many Cultures.
    Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2009.
    Reviewed by Vonda Plett
  • Donald Heinz.
    Christmas: Festival of Incarnation.
    Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2010.
    Reviewed by Gareth Brandt


Fall 2010

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2010The International Criminal Court and the Responsibility to Protect: Challenges and Opportunities for the Peace Church Tradition


  • Introduction
    Lowell M. Ewert
  • Striking a Balance: Humanitarian, Peace, and Justice Initiatives
    Matthew Brubacher
  • Core Convictions for Engaged Pacifism
    Ted Grimsud
  • Responsibility to Protect: Development of the Concept,
    and a Critique
    Doug Hostetter
  • To Intervene or Not to Intervene: Is That the Question?
    H. Martin Rumscheidt
  • Just Policing, Responsibility to Protect,
    and Anabaptist Two-Kingdom Theology
    Gerald W. Schlabach
  • The ICC’s Pursuit of the Lord’s Resistance Army
    and the Limits of Criminal Proceedings
    John Siebert
  • Following Ways of Life: The Responsibility to Protect
    Mark Vander Vennen


Spring 2010

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2010

Download the Spring 2010 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF)

Teaching the Bible: Perspectives and Practices


  • The Power of the Spoken Word: Performance-Based Pedagogy
    Jo-Ann A. Brant
  • Teaching the Bible: Bridging Ancient and Modern Worlds
    Dietmar Neufeld
  • Getting Along When We Don’t Agree: Interpreting Romans Using
    Simulation and Controversy
    Reta Halteman Finger
  • Enhancing Student Engagement in a Course on the Book of Acts
    Gary Yamasaki
  • Faith and Historical-Critical Pursuits in Teaching
    Loren L. Johns
  • “Your Daughters Shall Prophesy”: How Can We Keep Silent?
    Laura L. Brenneman
  • Jonah, the “Whale,” and Dr. Seuss: Asking Historical Questions
    without Alienating Conservative Students
    Eric A. Seibert
  • Anabaptist Thoughts on Teaching the New Testament as an Anabaptist
    in a Non-Anabaptist Setting: Enough Already
    Wes Bergen
  • Teaching the Bible: Goals for Student Learning
    Nadine S. Pence

Book reviews

  • Daniel Izuzquiza.
    Rooted in Jesus Christ: Toward a Radical Ecclesiology.
    Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009.
    Reviewed by Ryan Klassen
  • Ralf K. Wüstenberg.
    The Political Dimensions of Reconciliation: A Theological Analysis of Ways of Dealing with Guilt During the Transition to Democracy in South Africa and East Germany.
    Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009.
    Reviewed by Barry Hart
  • Jon Isaak, ed.
    The Old Testament in the Life of God’s People: Essays in Honor of Elmer A. Martens. Winona Lake, IN:
    Eisenbrauns, 2009.
    Reviewed by Wilma Ann Bailey
  • Gale Heide.
    System and Story: Narrative Critique and Construction in Theology. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2009.
    Reviewed by Mark Thiessen Nation
  • Dennis P. Hollinger.
    The Meaning of Sex: Christian Ethics and the Moral Life. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2009.
    Reviewed by Brenda Martin Hurst
  • Virgil Vogt, ed.
    The Roots of Concern: Writings on Anabaptist Renewal 1952-1957. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2009.
    Reviewed by Andrew C. Martin
  • Roger Epp.
    We Are All Treaty People: Prairie Essays. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2008.
    Reviewed by Jeff Nowers


Winter 2010

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2010

Download the Winter 2010 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF)

2008 Benjamin Eby Lecture

  • Women who ‘made things right’: Midwife-Healers in Canadian Mennonite Communities of the Past
    Marlene Epp

2009 Benjamin Eby Lecture

  • The Idea of North: Sibelius, Gould, and Symbolic Landscapes
    Laura Gray


  • Pneumatological Ecclesiology and Same-sex Marriage: A Non-essentialist Approach Using the Work of Eugene Rogers and John Zizioulas
    David Eagle


  • The Anabaptist Prison
    Isaac S. Villegas

Book reviews

  • James Samuel Logan.
    Good Punishment? Christian Moral Practice and U.S. Imprisonment. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2008;
    Paul Redekop.
    Changing Paradigms: Punishment and Restorative Discipline. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 2008.
    Reviewed by Andy Alexis-Baker
  • Walter Klaassen and William Klassen.
    Marpeck: A Life of Dissent and Conformity. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 2008. Neal Blough.
    Christ in our Midst: Incarnation, Church and Discipleship in the Theology of Pilgram Marpeck. Kitchener, ON: Pandora Press, 2007.
    Reviewed by Stephen Boyd
  • Brian J. Mahan, Michael Warren, and David F. White.
    Awakening Youth Discipleship: Christian Resistance in a Consumer Culture.
    Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2008.
    Reviewed by Andy Brubacher Kaethler
  • Paul Alexander.
    Peace to War: Shifting Allegiances of the Assemblies of God.
    C. Henry Smith Series 8. Telford, PA: Cascadia, 2009.
    Reviewed by Alan Kreider
  • Alexis D. Abernethy, ed.
    Worship That Changes Lives: Multidisciplinary and Congregational Perspectives on Spiritual Transformation.
    Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2008.
    Reviewed by Marlene Kropf
  • Timothy J. Geddert.
    All Right Now: Finding Consensus on Ethical Questions.
    Waterloo, ON: Herald Press, 2009.
    Reviewed by Irma Fast Dueck
  • Scott Waalkes.
    The Fullness of Time in a Flat World: Globalizations and the Liturgical Year. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2010.
    Reviewed by Arthur Boers


Fall 2009

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2009

Download the Fall 2009 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF)

The 2009 Bechtel Lectures

  • Ambassadors of Reconciliation: Biblical and Contemporary Witness
    Ched Myers and Elaine Enns
  1. "Ambassadors in Chains": Evangelizing the Powers
  2. Women Clothed with the Sun: Sophia Facing the Beast


  • Three Hundred Years of Pietism, Anabaptism, and Pluralism
    Scott Holland
  • Can Mennonites Support Policing?
    Sidonie Swama Tanziga Falanga


  • Piano
    Jean Janzen

Book reviews

  • William T. Cavanaugh
    Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire
    Reviewed by Andy Alexis-Baker
  • Beverly Roberts Gaventa and Richard B. Hays, eds.
    Seeking the Identity of Jesus: A Pilgrimage
    Reviewed by Rene Baergen
  • Ellen Hodgson Brown
    Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System And How We Can Break Free
    Reviewed by George Crowell        
  • Marlene Epp
    Mennonite Women in Canada: A History
    Reviewed by Brian Froese
  • Bob Goudzwaard, Mark Vander Vennen, and David Van Heemst
    Hope in Troubled Times: A New Vision for Confronting Global Crises
    Reviewed by Lowell Ewert                                           
  • Thomas P. Scheck
    Origen and the History of Justification: The Legacy of Origen's Commentary on Romans
    Reviewed by Nancy Heisey
  • Miguel A. De La Torre
    Liberating Jonah: Forming an Ethic of Reconciliation
    Reviewed by Daniel Smith-Christopher
  • Ted Lewis, ed.
    Electing Not to Vote: Christian Reflections on Reasons for Not Voting
    Reviewed by Victor J. Hinojosa
  • Scott Holland
    How Do Stories Save Us? An Essay on the Question with the Theological Hermeneutics of David Tracy in View
    Reviewed by Keith Graber Miller


Spring 2009

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2009

Download the Spring 2009 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF)

Responses to J. Denny Weaver's The Nonviolent Atonement

  • Introductory Comments
    Ted Grimsrud
  • Don’t Need No Satisfaction:
    Rolling the Stone Away With J. Denny Weaver
    Sharon Baker
  • “Who has Believed What We Have Heard?”
    A Response to J. Denny Weaver’s The Nonviolent Atonement
    Mark Thiessen Nation
  • Weaver and Nonviolent Atonement: A Response
    Tom Yoder Neufeld
  • Response to Reflections
    J. Denny Weaver


  • Theology and Fundraising: How Does Current Canadian Mennonite Praxis Compare to the Apostle Paul’s Collection for Jerusalem?
    Lori Guenther Reesor


  • Müde bin ich, geh’ zur Ruh: The Story of a Children’s Prayer
    Margaret Loewen Reimer

Book reviews

  • Lytta Basset
    Holy Anger: Jacob, Job, Jesus
    Reviewed by David Augsburger
  • John F. Haught
    God and the New Atheism: A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens
    Reviewed by Christian Early
  • Connie Braun
    The Steppes are the Colour of Sepia: A Mennonite Memoir
    Reviewed by Jeff Gundy          
  • Paul Louis Metzger
    Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church
    Reviewed by Regina Shands Stoltzfus
  • Ted Grimsrud
    Embodying the Way of Jesus: Anabaptist Convictions for the Twenty-First Century
    Reviewed by Loren L. Johns                                                    
  • Diane Zimmerman Umble and David L. Weaver-Zercher
    The Amish and the Media
    Reviewed by John Longhurst
  • Ronald J. Sider
    I am Not a Social Activist: Making Jesus the Agenda
    Reviewed by Doug Pritchard
  • John L. Thompson
    Reading the Bible with the Dead: What you can learn from the history of exegesis that you can’t learn from exegesis alone
    Reviewed by Dan Epp-Tiessen   
  • Waldemar Janzen
    Growing Up in Turbulent Times:  Memoirs of Soviet Oppression, Refugee Life in Germany, and Immigrant Adjustment to Canada
    Reviewed by Leonard Friesen


Winter 2009

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2009

Download the Winter 2009 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF)

The 2008 Bechtel Lectures

  • The Mennonite Experience in Paraguay
    Alfred Neufeld
  1. The Congregational and Theological Experience
  2. The Diaconal and Social Experience


Book reviews

  • Hans Küng
    The Beginning of All Things: Science and Religion
    Reviewed by Daryl Culp
  • Robert W. Brimlow
    What About Hitler? Wrestling with Jesus’ Call to Nonviolence in an Evil World
    Reviewed by Ronald J. Sider
  • Stanley E. Porter, ed.
    Hearing the Old Testament in the New Testament
    Reviewed by Derek Suderman
  • Stanley Hauerwas and Romand Coles
    Christianity, Democracy and the Radical Ordinary: Conversations between a Radical Democrat and a Christian
    Reviewed by Paul Doerksen 
  • Laura Ruth Yordy
    Green Witness: Ecology, Ethics, and the Kingdom of God
    Reviewed by Luke Gascho
  • Conrad L. Kanagy
    Road Signs on the Journey: A Profile of Mennonite Church USA
    Reviewed by Ed Janzen
  • Earl Zimmerman
    Practicing the Politics of Jesus: The Origin and Significance of John Howard Yoder’s Social Ethics
    Reviewed by Mark Thiessen Nation
  • Amy Laura Hall
    Conceiving Parenthood: American Protestantism and the Spirit of Reproduction
    Reviewed by Valerie Weaver-Zercher
  • Donald Capps
    Jesus, the Village Psychiatrist
    Reviewed by Janet M. Berg, M.D.
  • Chris K. Huebner
    A Precarious Peace
    Reviewed by Trevor George Hunsberger Bechtel
  • Tripp York
    The Purple Crown: The Politics of Martyrdom
    Reviewed by Stephanie Krehbiel


Fall 2008

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2008

Download the Fall 2008 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF)

The 2007 Benjamin Eby Lecture

  • Christian Theology Today: What is at Stake?
    A. James Reimer


  • Baptismal Robes or Camel’s Hair?
    A Theological Response to the “Politics of Becoming”
    Anthony G. Siegrist
  • St. Gregory of Nyssa, Anabaptism, and the Creeds
    Andrew P. Klager
  • Dialogue of the Feet: A Mennonite Sojourn Through Mindanao
    Jon Rudy

Book reviews

  • Peter Dula and Alain Epp Weaver.
    Borders and Bridges: Mennonite Witness in a Religiously Diverse World
    Reviewed by Susan Kennel Harrison
  • Bryan Stone
    Evangelism after Christendom: The Theology and Practice of Christian Witness
    Reviewed by James R. Krabill
  • Hearing the Sermon: Relationship/Content/Feeling by Ronald J. Allen; Listening to the Listeners: Homiletical Case Studies by John S. McClure, Ronald J. Allen, Dale P. Andrews, L. Susan Bond, Dan P. Moseley, and G. Lee Ramsey, Jr.; Believing in Preaching: What Listeners Hear in Sermons by Mary Alice Mulligan, Diane Turner-Sharaz, Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm, and Ronald J. Allen; Make the Word Come Alive: Lessons from Laity by Mary Alice Mulligan and Ronald J. Allen
    Allan Rudy-Froese
  • Charles H. Cosgrove and W. Dow Edgerton
    In Other Words: Incarnational Translation for Preaching
    Reviewed by June Alliman Yoder
  • Ron Austin
    In a New Light: Spirituality and the Media Arts
    Reviewed by Gordon Houser
  • Jeremy M. Bergen, Paul G. Doerksen and Karl Koop, eds. Creed and Conscience: Essays in Honor of A. James Reimer
    Reviewed by Susanne Guenther Loewen
  • Johanna W.H. van Wijk-Bos
    Making Wise the Simple: The Torah in Christian Faith and Practice
    Reviewed by Steven J. Schweitzer
  • Donald E. Miller, Scott Holland, Lon Fendall, and Dean Johnson, eds.
    Seeking Peace in Africa: Stories from African Peacemakers
    Reviewed by Ted Koontz

Spring 2008

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2008Download the Spring 2008 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Mennonites and Policing: An Ongoing Conversation

  • How Did We Get Here?
    Lowell Ewert
  • What About Peter? A Response to “The Gospel or a Glock?
    Steve Brnjas
  • A Response to “The Gospel or a Glock?”
    Allister Field
  • Policing Issues in the Anabaptist Faith
    Morley Lymburner
  • Police and the Oath of Office
    Morley Lymburner
  • Partnerships for Safer Communities
    Eileen Henderson
  • Who is – Who Will Protect – My Neighbor?
    Mary Lou Klassen
  • Law Without Violence
    Jodie Boyer Hatlem and Doug Johnson Hatlem
  • Just the Police Function, Then: A Response to “The Gospel or a Glock?”
    Gerald Schlabach
  • What Shall We Do? A Response to “The Gospel or a Glock?”
    Russel Snyder-Penner
  • Law and Its Enforcement: A Substitute for Violence
    A Response to “The Gospel or a Glock?”
    Lowell Ewert
  • Power, the Powers, and Policing:
    A Response to “The Gospel or a Glock?”
    Keith Regehr
  • Ecclesiology and Policing: Who Calls the Shots?
    Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld
  • Community, Policing, and Violence
    Andy Alexis-Baker
  • Security, Public Order, and Policing: Reflections on a Conversation
    Duane Friesen
  • Pacifism, Policing, and Individual Conscience
    A. James Reimer


Winter 2008

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2008Download the Winter 2008 Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2008 (PDF).

The 2007 Bechtel Lectures

  • The Confession of a Reluctant Mennonite
    Sandra Birdsell
  1. Lecture 1: Writing from the Outside
  2. Lecture 2: Writing from the Inside
  • Mennonite/s Writing: Across Borders
    Conference at Bluffton University,
    Bluffton, Ohio – October 2006
  1. Mennonite/s Writing: State of the Art?
    Hildi Froese Tiessen
  2. Playing the Sacred Harp: Mennonite Literature as Confession
    Ann Hostetler
  3. The Marriage of the Martyrs Mirror and the Open Road, or Why I Love Poetry Despite the Suspicion that it Won’t Save Anybody
    Jeff Gundy
  4. Literature, Place, Language, and Faith: A Conversation between
    Jean Janzen, John Ruth, and Rudy Wiebe
    Moderator: Julia Kasdorf
  5. Tribute to Nicholas C. Lindsay, Sr.
    Jeff Gundy
  6. Tribute to Sarah Klassen
    Hildi Froese Tiessen
  7. Tribute to Dallas Wiebe
    Paul Tiessen
  8. Tribute to Jean Janzen
    Julia Kasdorf
  9. "It gets under the skin and settles in": A Conversation with Miriam Toews
    Natasha G. Wiebe


  • Paul J. Griffiths.
    The Vice of Curiosity: An Essay on Intellectual Appetite
    Reviewed by Michael A. King
  • Norman Klassen and Jens Zimmermann.
    The Passionate Intellect: Incarnational Humanism and the Future of University Education
    Reviewed by Michael A. King
  • Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld.
    Recovering Jesus: The Witness of the New Testament
    Reviewed by Jacob W. Elias
  • Albert Borgmann.
    Real American Ethics: Taking Responsibility for Our Country
    Reviewed by Paul C. Heidebrecht
  • Reta Halteman Finger.
    Of Widows and Meals: Communal Meals in the Book of Acts
    Reviewed by Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld
  • M. Daniel Carroll and Jacqueline E. Lapsley, eds.
    Character Ethics and the Old Testament: Moral Dimensions of Scripture
    Reviewed by Ben C. Ollenburger
  • Robert L Brawley, ed.
    Character Ethics and the New Testament: Moral Dimensions of Scripture
    Reviewed by Ben C. Ollenburger


Fall 2007

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2007Download the Fall 2007 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Spinoza as Religious Philosopher: Between Radical Protestantism and Jewishness: 2006 Conference Proceedings

  • Spinoza on Character and Community
    Graeme Hunter
  • Response to Graeme Hunter: Spinoza and the Boundary Zones of Religious Interaction
    Michael Driedger
  • Spinoza’s Jewishness
    Willi Goetschel
  • Response to Willi Goetschel: Spinoza’s Excommunication
    David Novak


  • The Jewish–Christian Schism Revisited
    Mitchell Brown
  • Augustinian Existentialism and Yoder’s Messianic Politics: Revolutionary
    Implications of Augustine’s Understanding of Right Worship
    Justin D. Klassen
  • 'Holding Fast' to Principles or Drawing Boundaries of Exclusion?
    The Use and Misuse of the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective
    David Kratz Mathies


  • Graeme Hunter.
    Radical Protestantism in Spinoza’s Thought
    Reviewed by Peter John Hartman
  • Willi Goetschel.
    Spinoza’s Modernity: Mendelssohn, Lessing, and Heine
    Reviewed by Jonathan R. Seiling
  • Brayton Polka.
    Hermeneutics and Ontology
    Reviewed by Matthew Klaassen
  • Ursula M. Franklin.
    The Ursula Franklin Reader: Pacifism as a Map
    Reviewed by Arthur Boers
  • Gordon Oliver.
    Holy Bible, Human Bible: Questions Pastoral Practice Must Ask
    Reviewed by Jennifer Davis Sensenig
  • Ray Gingerich and Earl Zimmerman, eds.
    Telling Our Stories: Personal Accounts of Engagement with Scripture
    Reviewed by Jennifer Davis Sensenig
  • Paul Ballard and Stephen R. Holmes, eds.
    The Bible in Pastoral Practice: Readings in the Place and Function of Scripture in the Church
    Reviewed by Jennifer Davis Sensenig
  • Marlene Epp and Carol Ann Weaver, eds.
    Sound in the Land: Essays on Mennonites and Music
    Reviewed by Alice Parker
  • Rebecca Slough and Shirley Sprunger King, eds.
    Nurturing Spirit through Song: The Life of Mary K. Oyer
    Reviewed by Jonathan Dueck
  • Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI.
    Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration
    Reviewed by Gregory K. Hillis
  • Don S. Browning.
    Christian Ethics and the Moral Psychologies
    Reviewed by Daniel S. Schipani


Spring 2007

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2007The 2006 Benjamin Eby Lecture

  • Law as a Sword, Law as a Shield
    Lowell Ewert


  • The Gospel or a Glock? Mennonites and the Police
    Andy Alexis-Baker
  • Beyond Secular and Sacred: An Anabaptist Model for Christian Social Ethics
    Earl Zimmerman
  • Grace and Freedom: An Anabaptist Perspective
    Antonio Gonzalez


  • John H. Redekop.
    Politics Under God
    Reviewed by Sandra Joireman
  • Nathan E. Yoder and Carol A. Sheppard, eds.
    Exiles in Empire: Believers Church Perspectives on Politics
    Reviewed by Sandra Joireman
  • Rodney James Sawatsky.
    History and Ideology: American Mennonite Identity Definition through History
    Reviewed by David R. Swartz
  • Craig A. Carter.
    Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective
    Reviewed by Duane K. Friesen
  • Leah Dawn Bueckert and Daniel S. Schipani, eds.
    Spiritual Care-Giving in the Hospital: Windows to Chaplaincy Ministry
    Reviewed by Glen R. Horst.
  • Caspar Schwenckfeld.
    Eight Writings on Christian Beliefs.
    Ed. H.H. Drake Williams III. Trans. Edward J. Furcha et al. 
    Reviewed by Jonathan Seiling
  • David F. Ford and Daniel W. Hardy.
    Living in Praise
    Reviewed by Eleanor Kreider
  • J. Matthew Pinson.
    The Washing of the Saints’ Feet
    Reviewed by Pieter Post


Winter 2007

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2007Download the Winter 2007 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

The 2006 Bechtel Lectures

  • Time and Memory: Secular and Sacred Aspects of the World of the Russian Mennonites and Their Descendants
    James Urry
  1. Lecture 1: Time: the Transcendent and the Worldly

  2. Lecture 2: Memory: Monuments and the Marking of Pasts          


  • Music and Development: MCC Workers in Chad
    Jonathan Dueck                                   


  • Scottie May, Bath Posterski, Catherine Stonehouse, and Linda Cannell.
    Children Matter: Celebrating Their Place in the Church, Family, and Community
    Reviewed by Eleanor Snyder      
  • Oliver O’Donovan.
    The Ways of Judgment
    Reviewed by Paul Doerksen
  • Proceedings of the 2001-2004 Goshen Conferences on Religion and Science. Carl S. Helrich, ed. Reviewed by Darrin W. Snyder Belousek.
  • Nancey Murphy - Religion and Science: God, Evolution, and the Soul
  • George F.R. Ellis - A Universe of Ethics, Morality, and Hope
  • Antje Jackelén - The Dialogue between Religion and Science: Challenges and Future Directions
  • John F. Haught - Purpose, Evolution and the Meaning of Life
  • Richard A. Yoder, Calvin W. Redekop, and Vernon E. Jantzi.
    Development to a Different Drummer: Anabaptist/Mennonite Experiences and Perspectives
    Reviewed by Larissa Fast
  • Roman J. Miller, Beryl H. Brubaker, and James C. Peterson, eds.
    Viewing New Creations with Anabaptist Eyes: Ethics of Biotechnology
    Reviewed by Ray Epp
  • David L. Weaver-Zercher, ed. 
    Writing the Amish: The Worlds of John A. Hostetler  
    Reviewed by Steven M. Nolt       
  • Mark Thiessen Nation.
    John Howard Yoder: Mennonite Patience, Evangelical Witness, Catholic Convictions
    Reviewed by Gayle Gerber Koontz          
  • Geffrey B. Kelly and F. Burton Nelson.
    The Cost of Moral Leadership: The Sprirituality of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    Reviewed by Weldon D. Nisly
  • Geffrey Dipple.
    'Just as in the Time of the Apostles': Uses of History in the Radical Reformation
    Reviewed by Jonathan Seiling
  • Ivan Kauffman, ed.
    Just Policing: Mennonite-Catholic Theological Colloquium, 2002
    Reviewed by Andy Alexis-Baker
  • Duane K. Friesen and Gerald Schlabach, eds.
    At Peace and Unafraid: Public Order, Security, and the Wisdom of the Cross
    Reviewed by Andy Alexis-Baker


Fall 2006

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2006Download the Fall 2006 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Recent Mennonite Studies on The Lord’s Supper

  • The Challenge of Menno Simons’ Symbolic View of the Lord’s Supper
    Joel Schmidt
  • Was the Bread Only Bread and the Wine Only Wine?
    Sacramental Theology in Five Anabaptist Hymns
    C. Arnold Snyder
  • Singing Shapes Communion: The Progression of Eucharistic Theology
    in 20th-Century Mennonite Hymnals
    Adam M.L. Tice
  • The Problematic Development of the Sacraments in the Thought
    of John Howard Yoder
    Paul Martens
  • Communion as a Missional Ordinance
    Hippolyto Tshimanga
  • On False Distinctions: The Body of Christ, Mystical and Sacramental
    John Rempel


  • The Ninth Assembly of the World Council of Churches – Porto Allegre, Brazil (14-22 February 2006)
    Thomas Finger


Spring 2006

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2006Download the Spring 2006 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

John Howard Yoder as Historian

  • Doing History with Theological Ethics in Mind: John Howard Yoder as Historian of Anabaptism
    C. Arnold Snyder
  • On Flushing the Confessional Rabbit out of the Socio-Ecclesial Brushpile
    Stephen Dintaman
  • John Howard Yoder’s Contribution to Research on Anabaptist History
    Hanspeter Jecker
  • Walking with Yoder toward a Theological Approach to the Automobile
    from a Mennonite Perspective
    Paul C. Heidebrecht

Book reviews

  • Paul Doerksen
    John Howard Yoder: Anabaptism and Reformation in Switzerland:
    An Historical and Theological Analysis of the Dialogues Between
    Anabaptists and Reformers

The 2005 Benjamin Eby Lecture

  • A Mennonite Novelist’s Journey (from) Home: Ephraim Weber’s
    Encounters with S.F. Coffman and Lucy Maud Montgomery
    Hildi Froese Tiessen


Winter 2006

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2006Download the Winter 2006 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Revelation and Authority: Shi’ah Muslim - Mennonite Christian Dialogue II

  • Revelation, Law and Individual Conscience
    A. James Reimer
  • Reflections on Revelation and Authority Among Shi’ites and Mennonites
    Muhammad Legenhausen
  • Reason and Revelation
    Mohammad Ali Shomali
  • The Bible as Canon and as Word of God: Exploring the Mystery of Revelation
    Lydia Harder

Other articles

  • Anthony Bartlett’s Concept of Abyssal Compassion
    and the Possibility of a Truly Nonviolent Atonement
    David Eagle
  • Reading the Anabaptists: Anabaptist Historiography and Luther Blisset’s Q
    Jeremy Garber

Book reviews

  • Lamin Sanneh.
    Whose Religion is Christianity? The Gospel beyond the West
    Reviewed by Susan Kennel Harrison
  • Craig Bartholomew and Fred Hughes, eds.
    Explorations in a Christian Theology of Pilgrimage
    Reviewed by Marlene Kropf
  • Karl Koop.
    Anabaptist-Mennonite Confessions of Faith: The Development of a Tradition
    Reviewed by C. Norman Kraus
  • Thomas N. Finger.
    A Contemporary Anabaptist Theology: Biblical, Historical, Constructive
    Reviewed by Titus F. Guenther
  • Daniel Schipani.
    The Way of Wisdom in Pastoral Counseling
    Reviewed by Marianne Mellinger
  • Ellen F. Davis and Richard B. Hays, eds.
    The Art of Reading Scripture
    Reviewed by Jo-Ann A. Brant
  • Sean Freyne.
    Jesus, A Jewish Galilean: A New Reading of the Jesus-Story
    Reviewed by Rene Baergen


Fall 2005

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2005Download the Fall 2005 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

The 2005 Bechtel Lectures

  • Mennonites: A Peace Church in Conversation
    Dr. Fernando Enns
  • Dialogue and Diversity in the Ecumenical Movement Identity and Tolerance in Pluralist Societies

Mennonite Graduate Student Conference 2004: Religious Texts

  • Visual Images as Text? Toward a Mennonite Theology of the Arts
    Chad Martin
  • The Lost Cause: A Psychoanalytic Reading of the Judeo-Christian Myth of Origin
    Christina Reimer
  • The Flooded Text: Finding Dry Land in The Wings of the Dove
    Jacob Jost
  • To What Dies the Bible Refer? On Metaphor and Analogy
    Phil Enns
  • Reading the Moral Law: A Hermeneutical Approach to Religious Moral Epistemology
    David Kratz Mathies
  • Origen on the Authorial Intention of Scripture
    Jeremy Bergen

Book reviews

  • Dallas Wiebe.
    On the Cross: Devotional Poems
    Reviewed by Paul Tiessen
  • Hans Küng.
    My Struggle for Freedom: Memoirs
    Reviewed by Thomas Finger
  • David Augsburger.
    Hate-Work: Working Through the Pain and Pleasures of Hate
    Reviewed by Howard Zehr
  • John Howard Yoder.
    The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited
    Reviewed by Dennis Stoutenberg
  • Loren L. Johns
    The Lamb Christology of the Apocalypse of John
    Reviewed by Sheila Klassen-Wiebe
  • Jean Janzen.
    Piano in the Vineyard
    Reviewed by Ervin Beck
  • David Water-Toews.
    The Complete Tante Tina: Mennonite Blues and Recipes.
    Reviewed by Ervin Beck


Spring 2005

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2005Download the Spring 2005 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Mennonite Scholars and Friends (2002 and 2004 forums)

Radical Orthodoxy and Radical Reformation:

  • What Should Mennonites and Milbank Learn from Each Other?
  • Educative Violence or Suffering Love?
  • Milbank, Theology, and Stories of the Marginalized
  • Is Milbank Niebuhrian Despite Himself?
  • What is Radical about Radical Orthodoxy?

Anabaptist Witness in the Public Square:

  • Public Theology and Democracy
  • Global Anabaptist Faith and North American Democracy
  • Anabaptism and Democracy: A Constructive or Deconstructive Relationship?
  • In Praise of the Least Oppressive Oligarchy
  • Columbus's America and Emerson's America
  • Negotiating Democracy: Mennonite Reflections

Book reviews

  • Kenneth R. Chase and Alan Jacobs, eds.
    Must Christianity Be Violent? Reflections on History, Practice, and Theology
    Reviewed by J. Denny Weaver
  • C. Arnold Snyder, ed.
    Commoners and Community. Essays in Honour of Werner O. Packull
    Reviewed by Walter Sawatsky
  • Will Schirmer,
    Reaching Beyond the Mennonite Comfort Zone: Exploring from the Inside Out
    Reviewed by Sally Schreiner Youngquist
  • Jane Rogers Vann,
    Gathered Before God: Worship-Centred Church Renewal
    Reviewed by Karen Krahn


Winter 2005

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2005Download the Winter 2005 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Gifts of the Red Tent: Women Creating
Women Doing Theology (2003 Conference)

  • A Theology of Wonder
    Malinda Elizabeth Berry
  • A Theology of Welcome
    Reta Halteman Finger
  • Finding Balance and Harmony in our Wandering
    Iris de Leon-Hartshorn
  • The 30th Anniversary of the MCC Women's Concerns Committee
    Luann Habegger Martin
  • And So It Began: On Birthing an Organization
    Dorothy Yoder Nyce
  • Canadian Women's Concerns
    Peggy Unruh Regehr
  • My Impressions of the Early Years of the Women's Task Force
    Katie Funk Wiebe

Book reviews

  • Jospeh A. Fitzmyer, S.J.
    Spiritual Exercises: Based on Paul's Epistle to the Romans
    Reviewed by Reta Halteman Finger
  • Harry Loewen.
    Shepherds, Servants and Prophets: Leadership among the Russian Mennonites
    (ca. 1880-1960)

    Reviewed by Gary Harder
  • William Sloane Coffin. Credo; Warren Goldstein
    William Sloan Coffin, Jr.: A Holy Impatience
    Reviewed by Kyle Childress
  • Ben C. Ollenburger and Gayle Gerber Koontz, eds.
    A Mind Patient and Untamed: Assessing John Howard Yoder's Contributions to Theology, Ethics, and Peacemaking
    Reviewed by Malinda Elizabeth Berry
  • David B. Greiser and Michael King, eds.,
    Anabaptist Preaching: A Conversation Between Pulpit, Pew and Bible
    Reviewed by Allan Rudy-Froese
  • Robert A. Riall (trans.), Galen A. Peters (ed.).
    The Earliest Hymns of the Ausbund: Some Beautiful Christian Songs Composed and Sung in the Prison at Passau. Published in 1564
    Reviewed by Ken Nafziger


Fall 2004

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2004Download the Fall 2004 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Omnibus Issue featuring Reflections on Mennonite World Conference (Fourteenth Assembly, 2003)

The 2004 Bechtel Lectures

  • Particular and Universal: Shaping Twenty-first Century Anabaptist Identity(ies)
    Nancy R. Heisey
  • Shared Convictions
  • Martyrdom as Metaphor: Aspects of Global Anabaptist Witness

Reflections on Mennonite World Conference (Fourteenth Assembly 2003)

  • “Sharing our Gifts in Suffering and in Joy” and “We Give What we Have”
    Siakra Traore
  • Bounteous Blessings in Bulawayo
    Barbara Nkala
  • More than an Event
    Dothan Moyo
  • Heaven on Earth
    Thomas E. Frank
  • Cameras Can’t Catch the Spirit
    Erv Wiens
  • No Longer Strangers: The Family Circle has Widened
    Doris Dubé
  • Why We Need the Mennonite World Conference
    David Wiebe


  • Anabaptist or Mennonite? Interpreting the Bible
    C. Norman Kraus
  • A Sixteenth-Century Anabaptist Social Spirituality
    Thomas Finger

Book reviews

  • Mary A. Schiedel.
    Pioneers in Ministry: Women Pastors in Ontario Mennonite Churches, 1973-2003
    Reviewed by Nina B. Lanctot
  • Betty Jane Bailey and J. Martin Bailey, eds.
    Who are the Christians in the Middle East?
    Reviewed by Roy Hange
  • Alan Verhey.
    Reading the Bible in the Strange World of Medicine
    Reviewed by Joseph Kotva


Spring 2004

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2004Download the Spring 2004 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Rudy Wiebe and the Mennonites: forty years on

  • Foreword
  • "There was nothing to be read about Mennonites": Rudy Wiebe and the impulse to make story
    Hildi Froese Tiessen
  • "Adam, who are you?"
    The Genealogy of Rudy Wiebe's Mennonite Protagonists
    Edna Froese
  • Mennonites in Crisis: Figures of Paradox in Peace Shall Destroy Many
    J.D. Mininger
  • Listening All the Way Home: Theme and Structure in Rudy Wiebe's Sweeter Than All the World
    Jane Hostetler Robinett
  • "Believing is seeing": Re-storying" the Self in Rudy Wiebe's Sweeter Than All the World
    Maryann Jantzen
  • Why Rudy Wiebe is Not the Last Mennonite Writer
    Maurice Mierau
  • "It almost always begins with these kinds of living stories": An Interview with Rudy Wiebe
    Janne Korkka
  • Geoffrey James and Rudy Wiebe. Place: Lethbridge, A City on the Prarie
    Review Essay by Paul Tiessen
  • Climbing Mountains That Do Not Exist: The Fiction Writer at Work
    Rudy Wiebe
  • The Angel of the Tar Sands
    Rudy Wiebe
  • Mennonite/s Writing: Writers Participating - Photographs
  • A Note on Contributors

Book reviews

  • Thomas Yoder Neufeld
    Ephesians. Believers Church Bible Commentary
    Reviewed by Ched Myers
  • Robert Jewett and John Shelton Lawrence
    Captain America and the Crusade Against Evil: The Dilemma of Zealous Nationalism
    Reviewed by J. R. Burkholder
  • Elmer John Tiessen
    Christian Schools and Colleges
    Reviewed by Albert J. Meyer
  • Samuel Terrien
    The Psalms: Strophic Structure and Theological Commentary
    Reviewed by Perry Yoder
  • Robert S. Kreider
    My Early Years. An Autobiography
    Reviewed by Ted Regehr
  • Eberhard Bethge
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Theologian. Christian. Man for His Times
    Reviewed by Peter Frick
  • Daniel Liechty, ed
    Death and Denial: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Legacy of Ernest Becker
    Reviewed by Peter Blum


Winter 2004

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2004Download the .

Omnibus Issue

  • The 2003 Benjamin Eby Lecture
    • Towards a Biblical Theology of Leadership Affirmation
      John E. Toews
    • Ordination and Pastoral Leadership: A Response to John E. Toews
      Loren Johns
  • External Growth Factors: Mennonite Churches in Winnipeg
    Leo Driedger
  • Martyrdom and Eating Jesus: Two Neglected Practices?
    Tripp York

Book reviews

  • Massimo Capuani
    Christian Egypt: Coptic Art and Monuments through Two Millennia
    John W. Kiser
    The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria
    Mary Jo Weaver
    Cloister and Community: Life within a Carmelite Monastery
    Reviewed by Arthur Paul Boers
  • Esther Epp-Tiessen
    J.J. Thiessen: A Leader for His Time
    Reviewed by Jacob W. Elias
  • L. Gregory Jones and Stephanie Paulsell, eds.
    The Scope of Our Art: The Vocation of Theological Teacher
    Reviewed by Lydia Harder
  • Lawrence Klippenstein and Jacob Dick
    Mennonite Alternative Service in Russia: The Story of Abram Dick and his Colleagues, 1911-1917;
    Calvin W. Redekop
    The Pax Story: Service in the Name of Christ, 1951-1976
    Reviewed by Ted Koontz
  • Kimberly D. Schmidt, Diane Zimmerman Umble, and Steven D. Reschley, eds.
    Amish and Mennonite Women in History
    Reviewed by Esther Epp-Tiessen
  • Miroslave Wolf and Dorothy C. Bass, eds.
    Practicing Theology: Beliefs and Practices in the Christian Life
    Reviewed by Shirley H. Showalter
  • Thomas L. Shaffer
    Moral Memoranda from John Howard Yoder: Conversations on Law, Ethics and the Church between a Mennonite Theologian and a Hoosier Lawyer
    First review by Daniel Liechty
    Second review by Paul Gallagher
  • Richard N. Longnecker, ed.
    Into God's Presence: Prayer in the New Testament
    Reviewed by Mary Schertz
  • David Weaver-Zercher
    The amish in the American Imagination
    Reviewed by Susan Biesecker-Mast
  • Anna Lannstrom, ed.
    Promise and Peril: The Paradox of Religion as Resource and Threat.
    Reviewed by Dorothy Yoder Nyce


Fall 2003

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review 2003Download the Fall 2003 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

The Challenge of Modernity: Shi'ah Muslim - Mennonite Christian Dialogue

  • Foreword
    A. James Reimer
  • Rationality, Humanity, and Modernism
    Hassan Rahimpour
  • Keeping Pace with Modernity: Fifty Years of Iranian Intellectual Encounter with Modernity
    Yousef Daneshvar
  • The Limits of Modernity
    Phil Enns
  • From Instrumental Reason to Sacred Intellect
    Hamid Parsania
  • Pluralist Culture and Truth
    David W. Shenk
  • A Typology of Responses to the Philosophical Problem of Evil in the Islamic and Christian Traditions
    Jon Hoover
  • Public Orthodoxy and Civic Forbearance: The Challenges of Modern Law for Religious Minority Groups
    A. James Reimer

Book reviews

  • J. Denny Weaver
    The Nonviolent Atonement
    Reviewed by Gerald W. Schlabach
  • David Lyon.
    Jesus in Disneyland
    Reviewed by David J. Wood
  • John D. Roth, ed.
    Engaging Anabaptism: Conversations with a Radical Tradition
    Reviewed by Néstor Medina


Spring 2003

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2003Download the Spring 2003 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Issues in the Future of Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholarship

  • Preface
    Jeremy Bergen and Phil Enns
  • Mennonite-Nazi Collaboration and the Coming to Terms with the Past: European Mennonites and the MCC, 1945-1950
    Steve Schroeder
  • Beyond Declension and Irony: Mennonite History as Community Studies
    Brian Froese
  • Why Mennonite Pacifists Should be Reformed Epistemologists
    Myron A. Penner
  • Discipleship Ain't Just about Jesus: or On the Importance of the Holy Spirit for Pacifists
    Paul Martens
  • Jesus and the Apostolic Authority
    John Zimmerman
  • The Sensus Fidei and Mennonite Theology
    Jeremy M. Bergen
  • "For I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you..."
    Joel Schmidt
  • (Re)Figuring Tradition
    Laura Schmidt Roberts
  • How to Eat Your Bible: Performance and Understanding for Mennonites
    Trevor George Hunsberger Bechtel
  • The Rule of Theology: Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein on Theology and Truthfulness
    Phil Enns
  • Mennonites, Gender, and the Bible in the 1920s and '30s
    Jennifer Graber
  • Does the Ballot Box Lie Outside the Perfection of Christ?
    David Kratz Mathies

Book reviews

  • Michael D. Driedger.
    Obedient Heretics: Mennonite Identities in Lutheran Hamburg and Altona during the Confessional Age
    Reviewed by Werner O. Packull
  • Christopher D. Marshall.
    Crowned With Glory and Honor: Human Rights in the Biblical Tradition.
    Reviewed by Wilma Ann Bailey
  • Paul A. Bramadat.
    The Church on the World's Turf: An Evangelical Christian Group at a Secular University
    Reviewed by David Seljack


Winter 2003

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2003Download the Winter 2003 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Special Issue - Is God Nonviolent? A Mennonite Symposium

Is God Nonviolent? A Mennonite Symposium

Denver, Colorado, November 2001

  • Preface
    Ray Gingerich and Ted Grimsrud
  • Presentations
    Duane K. Friesen, Ted Grimsrud, Gordon D. Kaufman, Paul Keim, Mary H. Schertz
  • Responses
    Peter C. Blum, Elaine Swartzentruber, Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld
  • The Shape of the Conversation
    Ray Gingerich and Ted Grimsrud


  • Resistance and Nonresistance: The Two Legs of a Biblical Peace Stance
    Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld
  • The Politics of Paul: His Supposed Social Conservatism
    and the impact of Postcolonial Readings
    Gordon Zerbe

Literary refractions

  • Introduction
    Hildi Froese Tiessen
  • Five poems by Dallas Wiebe

Book reviews

  • Michael A. King, Fractured Dance: Gadamer and a Mennonite Conflict over Homosexuality
    Reviewed by Philip Bender
  • Thomas F. Foust, George R. Hunsberger, J. Andrew Kirk, and Werner Ustorf, eds.,
    A Scandalous Prophet: The Way of Mission after Newbigin
    Reviewed by Art McPhee
  • Benjamin W. Redekop and Calvin W. Redekop, eds., Power, Authority, and the Anabaptist Tradition
    Reviewed by Cheryl Nafziger-Leis
  • Richard J. Mouw, He Shines in All That's Fair: Culture and Common Grace
    Reviewed by Rebecca Slough


Fall 2002

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2002Download the Fall 2002 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Special Issue - 2002 Bechtel Lectures: Stanley Hauerwas

The 2002 Bechtel Lectures in Anabaptist-Mennonite Studies

  • Hauerwas: Why I'm a Reluctant Convert to his Theology
    A. James Reimer
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Political Theology
    Stanley Hauerwas
  • Bonhoeffer on Truth and Politics
    Stanley Hauerwas
  • Why Bonhoeffer, Why Now? A Response to Stanley Hauerwas's "Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Political Theology"
    Pamela E. Klassen
  • Response to Stanley Hauerwas
    Fred Shaffer
  • Faculty Forum with Stanley Hauerwas

The 2001 Eby Lecture

  • Text, Music, and Meaning in a Congregational Song
    Kenneth R. Hull

Book reviews

  • Stanley Hauerwas, The Hauerwas Reader: Stanley Hauerwas
    Reviewed by Jeremy M. Bergen
  • Timothy J. Geddert, Mark. Believers Church Bible Commentary
    Reviewed by William Hulitt Gloer
  • Mark A. Noll, The Old Religion in a New World:
    A History of North American Christianity

    Reviewed by Walter Klaassen
  • John Howard Yoder, Preface to Theology:
    Christology and Theological Method

    Reviewed by Craig R. Hovey and John Perry
  • Marlene Kropf and Kenneth Nafziger, Singing: a Mennonite Voice
    Reviewed by Laurence Martin


Spring 2002

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2002Download the Spring 2002 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Special Issue - Responding to Terrorism: Is Nonviolence Possible?


  • Roots of Violence, Seeds of Peace
    Grace M. Jantzen
  • Bread Not Bombs: Social Justice in a Fractured World
    Senator Douglas Roche
  • Garnets and Pomegranates
    Raylene Hinz-Penner
  • Nonviolence Works - If Somebody Does the Work
    Ivan J. Kauffman
  • Autumn, 2001
    Judith Miller
  • Engaging "Terrorism": The Case of Palestine/Israel
    Alain Epp Weaver
  • A New National Anthem: the Morning Shower Version
    David Waltner-Toews
  • Growing Up in a Violent World: Narrow Escapes and the Call to Peacemaking
    Fred Guyette
  • Responding to September 11 - and October 7 and January 29: Which Religion Shall We Follow?
    J. Denny Weaver
  • Two poems
    Anna Martin
  • Peace and Polyphony: The Case for Theological and Political Impurity
    Scott Holland
  • Pastors, Prophets, and Patriotism: Leading Pastorally in These Times
    Arthur Paul Boers
  • peace piece
    Patrick Friesen


Winter 2002

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2002Download the Winter 2002 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Special Issue - The 2001 Bechtel Lectures in Anabaptist Mennonite Studies


  • The Russian Mennonite Encounter with the Soviet State, 1917-1955
    Terry Martin
    1) Revolution and the Search for Accommodation, 1917-1926
    2) Collectivization, Famine, and Terror, 1926-1934
    3) Terror, Forced Labor, and Internal Exile, 1935-1955
  • My Life and Theological Reflection: Two Central Themes
    Gordon D. Kaufman
  • The Faith to Doubt: A Theological Autobiography
    C. Norman Kraus


  • Four poems from the Tante Tina - Little Haenschen Dialogues
    David Waltner-Toews


Fall 2001

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2001Download the .

Special Issue - Theologies of Service

  • Sunrise, Sunset: Women Serving
    Mary T. Malone
  • Singing a Subversive Song of Hope
    Lydia Neufeld Harder
  • Living out Hope from a Place of Exclusion: Service Rooted in Solidarity
    Alix Lozano
  • In the Belly of a Paradox: Reflections on the Dubious Service of Reflecting on Service
    Gerald W. Schlabach
  • Living Rightly in the Land:Reflection on MCC Service in a Postmodern Era
    Judy Zimmerman Herr and Robert Herr
  • Dreamsongs for Eden
    Di Brandt


Spring 2001

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2001Download the Spring 2001 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).


  • The Mennonite Challenge of Particularism and Universalism: A Liberation Perspective
    John Kampen
  • Responses to John Kampen
    Nancy R. Heisey
    Gilberto Flores
    Tom Yoder Neufeld
    Malinda E. Berry
  • Mennonites as a Plural Minority Church within Pluralism - A German Perspective
    Fernando Enns
  • Who Defines Family?
    Mennonite Reflection on Family and Sociology of Knowledge
    Peter C. Blum


  • Christianity and the Family: Ancient Challenge, Modern Crisis
    Rosemary Radford Ruether
  • Harold Who? A Twenty-something Glimpse of the Anabaptist Vision
    Valerie Weaver Zercher

Book reviews

  • Duane K. Friesen, Artists, Citizens, and Philosophers: Seeking the City of Peace
    Reviewed by Gordon D. Kaufman
  • D.H. Williams, Retrieving the Tradition and Renewing Evangelicalism: A Primer for Suspicious Protestants
    Reviewed by Peter C. Erb
  • Leo Driedger, Mennonites in the Global Village
    Reviewed by Ed Janzen
  • Jean Janzen, Tasting the Dust; Sarah Klassen, Simone Weil: Songs of Hunger and Love
    Reviewed by Miriam Pellman Maust
  • Susan Biesecker-Mast and Gerald Biesecker-Mast, eds., Anabaptists and Postmodernity; J. Denny Weaver, Anabaptist Theology in Face of Postmodernity: A Proposal for the Third Millennium
    Reviewed by Phil Enns


Winter 2001

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2001Download the .

Special Issue - Religion and Science


  • Christian Faith in a Scientific Age
    Robert Mann
  • Is Ethics Also Among the Sciences? An Evaluation of Nancey Murphy and George Ellis's Theological Proposals
    Roland Spjuth
  • The Theological Foundations of Deliverance Healing
    Lawrence Burkholder


  • Response to Roland Spujuth
    Nancey Murphy
  • Response to Lawrence Burkholder
    Dana Keener


  • The Evolution of a Christian Botanist
    Carl S. Keener
  • A Certain Slant of Light: the Physics of Incarnation
    Edna Froese

Book reviews

  • Michael W. Higgins, The Muted Voice: religion and the Media
    Reviewed by Margaret Loewen Reimer
  • John W. Miller, Calling God "Father": Essays on the Bible, Fatherhood and Culture
    Reviewed by Valerie G. Rempel
  • Loren L. John, Apocalypticism and Millennialism: Shaping a Believers Church Eschatology for the Twenty-First Century
    Reviewed by Walter Klaassen


Fall 2000

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 2000Download the Fall 2000 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Special Issue - Miroslav Volf, Theologian at Yale University Divinity School

  • Miroslav Volf and Maurice Lee, "The Spirit and the Church."
  • Responses by Clark Pinnock, David E. Demson, Irma Fast Dueck, Peter C. Erb
  • Conversations with Miroslav Volf, with response by Tom Yoder Neufeld
  • Gerald Shenk, Review of Exclusion and Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness and Reconciliation, by Miroslav Volf


Spring 2000

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 2000Download the Spring 2000 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Special Issue: Living with a History of Suffering: Theological Meaning & the Soviet Mennonite Experience

  • Waldemar Janzen. "Time of Terror: Biblical-Theological Perspectives on Mennonite Suffering during the Stalin Era and World War II."
  • Henry Paetkau. "Suffering Servants: Pastoral Leaders in the Stalinist State."
  • Walter Sawatsky. "Dying For What Faith: Martyrologies to Inspire and Heal or to Foster Christian Division?"
  • Arnold Neufeldt-Fast. "Gott kann! Gott kann nicht! The Suffering of Soviet Mennonites and their Contribution to a Contemporary Mennonite Theology."


  • Leonard G. Friesen. "More than Sheep to Slaughter: Reflections on Mennonites and the Stalinist Terror."
  • Carol Penner. "The Suffering Church Built Like an Ark."


  • Werner Fast. "A Story of Family."

Literary refractions

  • Rudy Wiebe. "Living on the Iceberg: 'The Artist as Critic and Witness' 36 Years Later."


Winter 2000

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 2000Download the Winter 2000 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).


  • Jeff Gundy. "Scatter Plots: Depression, Silence and Mennonite Margins"
  • Daniel Liechty. "Communication Technology and the Development of Consciousness: Reframing the Discussion of Anabaptists and Postmodernity"
  • Paul G. Doerksen. "For and Against Milbank: A Critical Discussion of John Milbank's Construal of Ontological Peace"
  • Earl Zimmerman. "Fleeing Babylon: Menno's True Church in a Corrupt World"


  • Eric Friesen. "Between Gospel and the Classics: Bridging Musical Worlds"

Literary refractions

  • Sarah Klassen. "Days of Noah"


Fall 1999

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 1999

Download the Fall 1999 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).


  • Hans-Juergen Goertz. "Conrad Grebel: A Provisional Life"
  • Royden Loewen. "Making Menno: The Historical Images of a Religious Leader"
  • Linda Boynton Arthur. "Cloth, Constraint and Creativity: The Engendering of Material Culture Among the Holdeman Mennonites"


  • Ivan Emke. "'Is That the Time Already?' Reflections of Millennial Fatigue Syndrome"
  • Gregory Baum. "God and Reason"

Literary refractions

  • Dallas Wiebe. "Love in Old Age"


Spring 1999

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 1999

Download the Spring 1999 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).


  • Perry Bush, "Vietnam and the Burden of Mennonite History"
  • J. Denny Weaver, "The General versus the Particular: Exploring Assumptions in 20th Century Mennonite Theologizing"
  • Thomas Finger, "Appropriating Other Traditions While Remaining Anabaptist"
  • P Thomas Kroeker, "Anabaptists and Existential Theology"

Literary refractions

  • Andreas Schroeder, "Eating My Father's Island: Excerpts from a Novella"


Winter 1999

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Winter 1999Download the Winter 1999 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Power & Authority in the Mennonite Church

(Conference Proceedings from Consultation II, October 16-17, 1999)


  • J. Nelson Kraybill, "Power and Authority: Helping the Church Face Problems and Adapt to Change"
  • Celia Allison Hahn, "Patterns of Growth in Authority"William Klassen, "Pilgram Marpeck and Our Use of Power"

Shorter reflections

  • Power and Money, Power and Leadership, The Church as Employer, Power in Business and Church, Personal Stories, Observer Responses


Fall 1998

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Fall 1998Download the Fall 1998 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Special Issue on Arts & Aesthetics


  • Margaret Loewen Reimer, "Mennonites and the Artistic Imagination"
  • Magdalene Redekop, "The Painted Body Stares Back: Five Female Artists and the 'Mennonite' Spectator"
  • Cheryl Nafziger-Leis, "A Dialogue with Adorno: So, What about the Impossibility of Religious Art Today?
  • Phil Stoltzfus, "Performative Envisioning: An Aesthetic Critique of Mennonite Theology"


  • Julie L. Musselman, "From Anna Baptist and Menno Barbie to Anna Beautiful"
  • Carol Ann Weaver, "When Two Plus Two is More Than Four: A Saga of Collaborations"

Literary refractions

  • Dallas Wiebe, Prose: "Can a Mennonite be an Atheist?"
  • Jeff Gundy, Poetry: "Driving with Rumi" "The Little Clerk"
  • Julia Kasdorf, Poetry: "'78 Chevy"


Spring 1998

Cover of Conrad Grebel Review Spring 1998

Download the Spring 1998 Conrad Grebel Review (PDF).

Special Issue on John Howard Yoder


  • James Reimer, "Mennonites, Christ, and Culture: The Yoder Legacy"
  • Chris K. Huebner, "Mennonites and Narrative Theology: The Case of John Howard Yoder"
  • Duane K. Friesen, "Toward a Theology of Culture: A Dialogue with John Howard Yoder and Gordon Kauffman"
  • Mark Thiessen Nation, "He Came Preaching Peace: The Ecumenical Peace Witness of John H. Yoder"
  • William Klassen, "John Howard Yoder and the Ecumenical Church"
  • John W. Miller, "In the Footsteps of Marcion: Notes Toward an Understanding of John Yoder's Theology"


  • Memorial Tributes to John Howard Yoder, by Tom Yoder Neufeld, Mary Ellen Meyer, Stanley Hauerwas, Father David Burrell, David A. Shank, Erland Waltner

Literary refractions

  • Rudy Wiebe, Prose: "Flowers for Approaching the Fire"
  • Sarah Klassen, Poetry: "Three Poems"


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