ALL CONCERTS, $10 at the door (except Friday evening-see below);  ALL Mennofolk day events, $10 for day

Conference Booklet

Thursday, June 5

3:00pm – 6:00pm

Mennofolk Concerts  (Chapel/Patio, Great Hall)

Cost: $10/person (includes all Mennofolk events), available at the door


  • Jeff Gundy
  • Bryan Moyer Suderman
  • Songs of Place
  • Dan Kruger
  • Quiet in the Land
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Thursday, June 5

7:00pm – 11:00pm

Mennofolk Concerts continued  (Grebel Patio and Great Hall)

Cost: $10/person (includes all Mennofolk events), available at the door


  • The Buffleheads (Lyle Friesen, Tim Bergen, Bob Janzen) - Afro-grass
  • Elise Epp - Folk
  • Second Wind - Folk/rock
  • Bonnie Brett - Mark Hartman Jazz Duo - Jazz
  • Quiet in the Land (Dan Root and Judith Dyck) - Folk
  • The Land (Simon Neufeld and Judith Klassen) - Folk
  • Dan Kruger - Folk
  • Bryan Moyer Suderman - Folk
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Friday, June 6

12:30pm – 1:00pm

Mini Concert I – Skyros String Quartet – Music by Stephanie Martin (Chapel)

Cost: $10 (includes both Mini Concerts)


Friday, June 6

1:00pm - 1:30pm

Mini Concert II – Dennis Bender, bass (singer), Keenan Reimer-Watts, piano – Mennonite Art Songs (Chapel)

Cost: $10 (includes both Mini Concerts)


Friday, June 6

8:00pm – 10:00pm

Sonic Convergences Concert (Humanities Theatre, UW)

Cost: $10/balcony, $15/orchestra. Tickets can be purchased at the UW Theatre Centre. 519-888-4908

Orchestral Music by:

  • Larry Warkentin -  Dawn, (Sound in Land commission)
  • Janet Peachey - Earth Etchings, Violin Concerto Premiere, Mark Hartman, violin
  • Carol Ann Weaver - Kalahari Calls
  • Caroline Bordignon - Wind

with Waterloo Chamber Players (Orchestra), Ben Bolt-Martin, conductor

Multimedia Music

"Earth Songs" by Cecilia Kim with Korean traditional players and projected visuals

Event Listing

Saturday, June 7

6:30am – 8:30am

Dawn Chorus – Sound Walk in local forest led by nature interpreter

Cost: Free (but limited numbers)


Saturday, June 7

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Matinée Chamber Concert  (Chapel)

Cost: $10 (includes Chamber, Soundscape & Gamelan concerts)

  • Daniel Morris – Spirits Before Sunrise  (flute, clarinet, viola, cello)
  • Laura Easson – Changing Horizons  (flute, oboe, cello)                                                             
  • Keenan Reimer-WattsFive for the City  (piano, electronics)
  • Joanne Bender – Eco-Miniatures (piano solo)

       Ocean Waves 

       Planet Earth 

       Inuit Lullaby  

       Lean Mean Green Machine


       Trembling Aspen

  • Jeff EnnsEarth Essays (violin, piano)
  • James Harley, Cam McKittrickRainforest and Frog Sounds (laptops, live electronics)
  • Tim CorlisPrelude to the Night of the Lunar Eclipse  (cello, piano)                

Saturday, June 7

5:00pm - 6:30pm

Soundscape Concert  (Atrium)

Cost: $10 (includes Chamber, Soundscape & Gamelan concerts)

  • Eric Leonardson – Awash, Interior/exterior Survey
  • Nicholas Cline – grainstream                             
  • Deufel, Hofmann, Rehberg, Schüller – I, Water
  • Emily Doolittle – Social Sounds from Whales at Night  (clarinet, tape)

       with Tilly Kooyman, clarinet

  • Ursula Meyer-Koenig – l’espace entre les souvenirs    
  • James Harley – Wild Fruits 3: Chestnut, 2008                         

Saturday, June 7

6:00pm - 6:45pm

Gamelan Concert – Balinese Music Music (Patio) Grebel Gamelan, Maisie Sum, director, with I Dewa Madé Suparta

Cost: $10 (includes Chamber, Soundscape & Gamelan concerts)

About Balinese Gamelan Music:

On the island of Bali, Indonesia there is a plethora of musical ensembles called gamelan, the local term for a set of instruments made primarily of bronze or bamboo. Gamelan range from two to as many as fifty instruments, some of which date back over 700 years. Gamelan music is indispensable to religious rituals and crucial to worldly occasions. Characterized by a structural framework marked by gongs, rapid-fire interlocking parts that elaborate upon a core melody, and tightly coordinated sudden shifts in tempo and dynamics, Balinese gamelan reflects the spirit of interaction and community and exemplifies the practice of mutual help (gotong royong). 


Saturday, June 7

8:00pm – 10:00pm

Kalahari Journey (Great Hall)

$10/person, available at the door

Music, Sounds and Visuals from Africa

African traditional songs

  • Festival Choir with Mark Vourinen, conductor
  • University Choir with Gerald Yun, conductor

African-influenced music

  • Carol Ann Weaver and Rebecca Campbell

Keynote Address Address II:

"Hearing Songs from the Earth - Kalahari Soundscapes and Visuals"

by Gus and Margie Mills

Event Listing

Sunday, June 8

7:00am – 8:30am

Dawn Concert – music on the lake by R. Murray Schafer

​Cost: Free Admission

also music by Jennifer Butler and Emily Doolittle


  • Peg Evans, soprano
  • Mary Wing, flute
  • Karen Ages, oboe
  • Tilly Kooyman, clarinet
  • Heather Carruthers, bassoon
  • Debra Lacoste, trumpet
  • Mino Ode Kwewak N'gamowak (the Good Hearted Women Singers)
  • Dianne Chapatis, dancer
  • Sahara & Nafshiya Haylestrom, voices & dawn birds
Event Listing

Sunday, June 8

10:30am –12:00pm

A Cappella Singing and Words (Detweiler Meeting House, Roseville, ON)

  • Hymns and Songs about the Earth with Marilyn Houser-Hamm, chorister
  • Cheryl Denise, Jeff Gundy, Ann Hostetler – Poetry about the Earth  
  • Geraldine Balzer – “The Global Music Environment as heard in Mennonite Hymnbooks”

Sunday, June 8

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Choral Concert (Knox Presbyterian, Waterloo)

Cost: $10/person, available at the door

Inter-Mennonite Children's Choir Carolyn Neumann VanderBurgh, conductor

  • Joanne Bender – Joyous Feeling (Sound in the Land Commission)
  • Timothy Corlis – Listen to the Music
  • Carol Ann Weaver Dancing Dancing River

Rockway Collegiate Concert Combo, Marlys Neufeldt, conductor

  • ​Patrick Ressler – A Clear Midnight
  • Larry Nickel – I Dreamed of Rain
  • Carol Dyck – There is No Creation That Does Not Have a Radiance (Hildegard of Bingen)
  • Esther Wiebe, arr – Weisst du wieviel Sterne

TACTUS Choral Ensemble, Catherine Robertson, conductor

  • Larry Nickel ­– In a Grain of Sand 
  • Leonard Enns – Western Wynd
  • Stephanie Martin –  ­And as I Wake
  • Jeff Enns – Life
  • Jeff Enns – i thank you God

Grebel Gamelan, Maisie Sum, conductor

  • Kecak (trad. vocal Balinese)

Festival Choir, Mark Vuorinen, conductor

  • R. Murray Schafer – Miniwanka:  The Moments of Water
  • Alberto Grau – Kasar Mie la gaji (Argentinian; about African Sahel Desert)
  • Peteris Vasks – Plainscapes (Latvian; with Canadian bird soundscape)
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