Zhongchao Tan
519-888-4567 x38718
ERC 2007

Director of Green Energy and Pollution Control Research Lab

Executive Director of Tsinghua University-University of Waterloo Joint Research Centre for Micro/Nano Energy & Environment Technology

Milad Khodobakshi

Mechanical Engineering

Research subject: Theories and modeling methods on nanoparticle interactions

Co-Supervisor: John Wen 

Yifu Li

Mechanical Engineering

Research subject: Electrospun nanofiber materials for lithium-ion battery

Portrait of Maryam

Mechanical Engineering

Research subject: Nanoparticle-substrate interfacial behaviour 

Portrait of Fangyan

Research subject: Graphene for solar cell

Co-supervisor: Siva S.

Lab Member May-August 2019

PhD Program: Accepting Applications

Two immediate openings in our PhD program in thermal engineering, waste to energy for sustainable cities, nanofiber for energy and environment and other closely related areas of research. Apply now!