Simultaneous Absorption of NOx and SO2

NOxThe long-term objective of this research was to develop a cost-effective technology that can absorb NOx and SO2 simultaneously from a post combustion process. This research addressed the following two major challenges facing scientists and engineers in the related fields:

1) effective oxidation of insoluble NO

2) the hostility of SO2 on the absorption of NO.

Both problems prevail in existing technologies, but we believe that it can be solved by good designs in reactors and selecting a novel catalyst. This proposed research will start from a bench scale batch reactor and end at a continuously operating prototype with solvent regeneration. The performances of the systems are expected to be improved by increasing the contact areas between the gas and liquid phases using spray droplets. The associated fundamentals was investigated in the three-year period by laboratory experiments.

This project was supported by NSERC and Imperial Oil Ltd.