On-campus initiatives

We aren't the only group on campus interested in Green IT. Below is a list of Green IT initiatives undertaken across campus. Does your project or office belong on this list? Let us know!

AHS Computing

  • Have made several policy changes to reduce their carbon footprint and emphasize sustainability
  • Provide green updates in their Faculty through e-newsletters
  • Promoting green computing initiatives

Alternatives journal

  • Canada's leading environmental journal that is based right out of the University of Waterloo
  • Offers many volunteer and paid opportunities for ENV students
  • Used as courseware for most ENVS classes
  • Operate their office as a Green Office
    • They use 100% recycled paper
    • They duplex print and reuse scrap paper
    • They use FSC products
    • They are very conscious of the impacts paper and printing can have on the environment

Central Stores

  • Takes all used the University of Waterloo equipment 
  • Holds sales once per month in the Winter Terms, and twice in Fall and Spring
    • Sales are available for staff, faculty, students, and the public
    • Departments can request to view the equipment before sales occur 
  • Ensures that all e-waste does not get shipped out of Canada and is broken down 
  • Has converted to electronic information handling to reduce paper consumption

Computing Technology and Services Committee (CTSC)

  • Committed to creating a campus-wide Green Computing policy
  • Have formed an advisory group (GITAG) for Green IT implementation

Mapping, Analysis, and Design (ENV Computing)

  • Performed a faculty-wide computing inventory to determine how much energy is being used for computing in the Faculty
  • Promotes green thinking in all aspects of computing
  • Tracks print usage and reports monthly to all departments
  • See website for more information

Information Systems and Technology

  • Discontinuing printouts for presentation-style SEW courses, instead making the handouts available digitally ahead of time

Plant Operations

  • Creating and implementing sustainability initiatives around campus through:
    • Energy Conservation
    • Water Conservation
    • Waste Management
    • Air Quality
    • Environmental Projects
    • Turf Management
    • Transportation

Procurement Services

  • Promoting green purchasing
  • Offers a list of green suppliers to purchase from
  • Highlighting the importance of being aware of the impact the University of Waterloo has on the environment

Retail Services

  • The Book Store no longer offers plastic bags - BYOB! 
  • Switched to e-marketing 
  • Incoming packages are reusable and recyclable
  • Use companies that uphold labor practices for campus apparel

STEP - Sustainable Technology Education Project

  • Working group of UWSP that researches and demonstrates sustainable technologies
  • Open for all students to volunteer and become an active role in

University of Waterloo Sustainability

  • Informs users of sustainability on campus 
  • Provides information for individual ownership

UWSP - University of Waterloo Sustainability Project

  • Work to increase environmental awareness and involvement of students in the community
  • Facilitate projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the University of Waterloo.

WPIRG - Waterloo Public Interest Research Group

  • Undergraduate group that is dedicated to getting others involved in environmental and social justice issues throughout the community and abroad