Hack4Health 2.0 Winners

Congratulations to our Hack4Health 2.0 Winners!

This year our judges were extremely impressed by the quality and creativity in the participants innovations.  Moved by what they saw, two additional opportunities to compete in the Big Ideas Challenge were given as prizes. 

Breakfast and Mentorship Meeting with GreenHouse Coaches and GreenHouse Network: BraceLIT, Roze, Myelyte, EyeTalk, and HackMobility.

Opportunity to apply for $15,000 research grant from the MS Society of Canada: Roze

Fast Track Ticket to Compete as a Finalist in the Big Ideas Challenge pitch competition- Sponsored by St. Paul's GreenHouse: Myelyte, TurnSafe, and EyeTalk

Two $5000 Scholarships for the Master in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) Program- Sponsored by Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre: TurnSafe, and HackMobility

$500 Chris Notar Memorial Award - Sponsored by CIBC Mellon: EyeTalk

Please see Hack4Health 2.0 Teams for descriptions of the winning teams. ​

OpenCity wrote an article about one of winners, check it out to see "Why Roze Won Hack4Health 2.0"