Hack4Health 2.0 Teams

28 student teams were created at Hack4Health 2.0 and many amazing ideas came from the collective efforts of these teams. We encourage everyone to continue to develop their ideas to improve the quality of life of people living with MS or dementia. Here is a list of these innovative ideas:

  Team Name Members Issue to be resolved Proposed Innovation

Chris B

Dylan T

Shan H

Anees E

Stress plays a major role in triggering MS relapses/episodes for those with Relapse-Remitting MS An app that allows people to have MS focussed biofeedback therapy to reduce stress and prevent future relapses.
2 Roze

Tina C

Rui S

Lori-ann W

Marium K

MS symptom management, stigma of disease, lifestyle adjustment. We are building game field fatigue management platform created for young women with MS to help them lead more productive and satisfied lives.
3 BraceLIT Solutions

Maria V

Connor H

Ryan M

Olivia L

Remembering to close/turn-off everyday devices. A low-profile bracelet providing a display of the current state of household devices (e.g. doors unlocked, windows open, etc.)
4 TurnSafe

Navid T

Keith D

Haneya Y

Ben E

Stove, fire safety hazard Stove auto-stop/off
5 Care to Connect

Jan L

Stacey I

Joyce Z

Francis R

Social Isolation in caregivers Geographical location-based mapping of caregivers.
6 21 Questions

Karchie T

Ross M

Kelvin Y

Pia L

Disconnect between data that can be provided by patient and caregiver to doctor during routine visits. App that collects and tracks this quality information and can be used to fill doctor in progress in between visits.
7 RemindMe

Benjamin B

Aaron S

Chandravadni S

Tara T

Tia T

John E

Forgetting important tasks because of short-term memory loss. A watch and app combo used to remind people of things on their schedule throughout the day.
8 Word

Jeff N

Helena H

Nicole R

People living with MS or Dementia have difficulty coming up with next words in a sentence. An app that listens to speakers, and attempts to predict next words in sentences/phrases, to help them speak.
9 Scan-a-task

Isaac C

Felix K

Ryan L

App to help patients with short-term memory loss independently conduct household chores (ie: turning off stove). Linear task analysis breakdown of common household chores as well as custom input by patient/caregiver. QR code scanner to make engaging in chores fun and exciting, while keeping patients organized.
10 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Yan Song K

Moujan S

Fatigue in people living with MS, leading to decreased productivity An app that helps individuals optimise the use of their energy by guiding users to do tasks that are the most important to them when they have the energy to do so.
11 Myelyte

Ali T

Keean S

Shakir L

Jiwoo J

Melad K

Lack of personalized health solutions for MS/Dementia patients and inconvenience in taking medications/balancing between multiple medications (forgetting to take meds/dysphasia)

Personalized medicated transdermal patch based on your specific med plan.

Using patient metrics to project long-term trends for ms/dementia.

12 Serenity

Allison C

Kelsea T

Angela L

Melissa Y

Namrata S

Medication management for people living with Dementia/Alzheimer's A pill box that sends alert to caregiver's phone to notify them if pills have been taken.

A mobile application to track pills taken.


Natisa J

Ai Lin S

Sally M

Dipika S

Improving cognition (memory and attention) in patients with MS Providing an easy access rehab solution to improve cognitive abilities as well as self-esteem and mood through an android app.
14 Elevated Comfort

Elijah E

Jeff S

Cameron S

Mobility in the office for MS in the workforce. Motorized office chair for easy standing/sitting and ease-of-movement through office spaces.
15 Tech Educate

Lena L

Deborah N

Caregivers and affected individuals lack the knowledge of available tech which may improve quality of life. A service that connects tech to individual needs by bridging the knowledge gap.
16 Mobilitus

Geoff E

Ethan S

Marc T

Laura I

At home rehab, focussing on joint freeze and atrophy Exercise routine app that provides EMG data and exercise recommendations on a personalized basis.

Maple O

Thomas T

Danny G

Feilan J

Caregiver Burden  Low cost, flexible sensors for the home.
18 VR Connect

George P

Anna S

Circumstantial fatigue in early-mid stage MS. Generation friendly VR tailored towards individuals.
19 EyeTalk

Laura M

Come C

Olivier N

Sriram G.S

People with severe MS as well as severe ALS may experience difficulties with speech and movement EyeTalk - mobile app that synthesizes words and sentences through detection of eye movement, allowing users to communicate with others.
20 Innterconnect

Thivyaa T

Ralisa S

Meron S

Individuals with dementia live in isolation and can be excluded from social activities. creating an activity board that promotes social engagement between the individual with dementia, and others.
21 Mitty

Kristen L

Evan R

Foram P

Lack of personalized information for patient and caregiver during the time period between initial diagnosis and specialist follow-up. assessment and personalized booklet of information for patient and caregiver (mitty).

Ankita M

Shreya P

Balance and gait problems Shoes to restore balance and gait
23 Priori

Chelsea C

Jasmine P

Mayank S

Vishnee V

Christian E

Andrea T

Disconnect among caregivers and individuals receiving care. Priori- a smart wristband that connects to a database of personal profiles.
24 Focal

Shaambhavi S

Kritin K

Arnold K

Gaurav L

Lack of independence from short term memory loss resulting in lowered productivity. Location based reminder application and hardware system.
25 Back on Track

Austin A

David Z

Haebin J

Melissa L

Howard Y

Jerry L

Safety issue relating to wandering of patients with dementia

Android application that connects with a smartwatch called "back on track" which sends notifications to caregivers when it is suspected that patients are lost.

26 HackMobility

Mohammed T

Prabhjot S

Arshdeep K

A need exists for quality controlled second hand affordable assistive mobility devices. Accessible platform that provides validated assistive devices.
27 Grey Matter

Claudio L

Neel M

Scott G

Rahul D

Short term memory and multitasking in dementia/MS patients. An app to keep track of all the tasks the family member is involved in with a notification system connected to the caregiver.
28 Cool Attire Jessica Z Heat intolerance in individuals with MS Body temperature regulating clothing.