Hack4Health 3.0 Teams

5 student teams were created at Hack4Health 3.0 and many amazing ideas came from the collective efforts of these teams. We encourage everyone to continue to develop their ideas to improve the quality of life of people living with MS or dementia. Here is a list of these innovative ideas:

  Team Name Members Issue to be resolved Proposed Innovation
1 L.I.S.A

Lily Zeng
Irene Chong
​Sukhi​ Chuhan
Annlisa Pham

Giving independence and dignity back to people with early to mid stage dementia Weather meets reminders. Personalized reminders based on the weather forecast.
2 Care Network

Monica Bustos​
Christine Nhan
Apery ​

Community and social network is important for those with dementia and their partners in care because signs and symptoms may cause unintentional isolation. For Early Onset Dementia we provide a social networking website that provides social connection and a sense of belonging by creating communities.
3 Freewheel

Ayah Ali
Rand Chaban
Nimo Omar
Sayoojya Saju
Paula He

walkers  present a serious problem when the braking system is not in place at times when they need it to be.  Freewheel is an accessible, affordable retrofit system that removes the need to manually engage and disengage brakes on a walker. This  simple, robust system allows its users to disengage their brakes by having both their hands are in contact with the handles, and engage the brakes when their hands are not in contact with the handles. 
4 SimplyUI

Marc Ting

evolution of smartphone industry makes it increasingly less accessible to Dementia and Alzheimer`s patients Simplified Android UI that puts focus on location and adaptability
5 Pilot Huiling (Atticus) Yang
Steven Xie
Karan Shastri
Staying engaged when living with dementia Accessible technology for people with dementia