Hack4Health Mentor & Planning Committee - Lived experience

Dave KillionName:

Dave, 56 yrs. old


Diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 3 ½ years ago.


Tool & Die Maker since 1976.

Was employed as The Supervisor of Skilled Trades at a local automotive parts supplier.

I’m unable to work now & am on long term disability.


Degrading muscle control on my RH side, very poor balance therefore mobility issues, poor concentration & S/T memory, sensitivity to heat & certain foods plus aphasia & PBA etc.

What I’ve learned:

Chronic condition = you’ll get good at problem solving.

There are many symptom triggers & controls.


Helping others, research, and anything outdoors i.e. boating, gardening & architecture etc.


My wife of 22 years acts as my primary caregiver.

The MS Society also offers support groups.

I also support other people with & without MS.

What I may offer:

“Old Guy”, common sense.

This is my third year @ the Hack.

I’m also on the Regional MS Society Executive Committee.

University of Waterloo

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