Hack4Health Mentor & Planning Committee - Lived experience

Photograph of Gerard LaderouteGerard has been living with vascular dementia for 6 years.

Profession: Was a meat cutter for 20 years, and in sales as an account manager for 30 years, and retired after 40 years of service.

Challenges: Short term memory problems, I find that I have to make notes often and write things down on a large calendar such as appointments or other important events. Find myself second guessing often.

I have learned that living with this condition the importance of a daily routine, scheduling and consistency in my everyday life, important not to get overtired as I cannot function well.

Hobbies: Enjoy gardening, cooking, doing word search puzzles, reading, and enjoy colouring in my adult colouring books, which takes precision and focus, work on my family tree and do luminosity over the Internet which keeps my brain active. Also enjoy going for dinner and dancing with our group of friends. Very important to stay socially active, very involved in the group called Memory Boosters.

Support: My wife is the primary caregiver.

What I can offer: Presently on three different committees through the Alzheimer Society makes me feel that I have still a lot that I can offer to society. Participated in the Hack4Health last year as a mentor and judge, and along with my wife are on the planning committee again this year. I can provide insight as to what it is like living with this condition and that although there are challenges I still am able to contribute to society.

Where to find me: TBD pending mentor schedule.

University of Waterloo - Hack4Health

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