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An arcade game with exaggerated screen effects, and haptic waveforms below

We adapt terminology from game design to haptic feedback, defining haptic embellishments (HEs) and juicy haptics, and provide the first evidence that vibrotactile feedback can improve measures of player experience (through the PXI scale).

A hand pushing an empty jar into a 3D printed object

We present a software system for 3D printing that replaces infill material with scrap to reduce material and energy consumption. Using this system, you can insert unused 3D prints, household waste like coffee cups, and off-cuts from other projects into a 3D printed object.

diagram of the 5 dimensions of haptic experience: harmony, autotelics, realism, expressivity, and immersion

We offer a definition of haptic experience (HX), the user experience particular to haptic technologies, and a model for both experiential dimensions and usability requirements for creating a good haptic experience.

a diagram of the messy process novice hapticians follow

We studied how novice hapticians - engineers and designers with little haptics experience - designed multisensory haptic experiences, and through their successes and challenges, found out more about the haptic experience design process: design choices, activities, and success strategies.

A DualPanto haptic device

DualPanto is a haptic device that enables blind users to track moving objects while acting in a virtual world.

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