For information regarding the latest virus threats, check out Symantec Security Response.

Check out our informative article for general information about malware (PDF).

To download the latest version of Symantec Anti-Virus, check out our resource page.

If your machine is infected with a virus:

  • Determine the virus name and search for information regarding the virus on the Symantec website.
  • Follow the proper Removal Instructions provided on the Symantec website.
  • Don't forget to download the latest virus definitions to protect your PC against the latest virus threats.

Tips on keeping your computer free of viruses:

  • You must have antivirus software. Without it, you have no means of detecting viruses on your PC.
  • Always keep your virus protection software (Norton, McAfee) activated and updated with the latest definitions.
  • Be sure to run a full system scan once a month.
  • Do not open any email from unrecognized email addresses.
  • Be sure to download files only from well-known websites. Beware of Kazaa, Bearshare, torrents, and other peer-to-peer file sharing software that are used to circulate viruses with "spoofed" filenames.

Do you need antivirus software?

Anyone connecting to the internet should have antivirus software. If you are a student, staff or faculty member at the University of Waterloo you are eligible for free antivirus software. Symantec (Norton) Endpoint Protection is site licensed to the University of Waterloo and is available in two ways:

  • Download it the Current Version of SEP from Health Computing. All you need is your Watiam credentials to authenticate.

Features of Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition:

Unlimited virus updates

There are no yearly subscriptions required with the Corporate Edition, so you don't have to pay annually to use it!

Real time virus protection

Scans all email attachments and downloads in real-time.

Virus notification

Notifies the user immediately if a virus has been detected. It quarantines the virus so it cannot harm your PC.

Virus update scheduling

Automatic updates may be schedules to occur every day at a specific time.

For further product information, please visit the Symantec Antivirus website.
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