Data management

There are many storage options available to faculty, staff and grad students. Refer to the Guidelines for secure data exchange: Choosing information transmission methods based on the security classification. To help choose between the various options, ask these three questions: 

  1. Do I want a space for file delivery/transfer or collaboration? For collaboration work, you need space to store the files, modify the content and collaborate with others. For delivery or transfer of files, you need space for others to be able to access or retrieve the files. 
  2. What kind of data am I storing? Does it contain restricted or highly restricted information?  
  3. Who do I need to have access to the data? Does the data need to be accessed by people outside of UW? 

Options for data storage are detailed below. Health Computing can assist you in determining which solution is appropriate for your given situation (see also: Where do I save my files). Feel free to contact us.