Health management with mHealth

phone and a fitness tracker

Mobile Health (mHealth) is one of the hottest fields in health informatics that has enormous potential in shifting routine health care from the hands of health care providers to those of everyone. While modern wearable devices generate continuous streams of diverse health data including physical activity, sleep quality, heart rate, and galvanic skin response, our everyday usage of smart phones and social media, as well as public information available on the Internet, provide important contextual information. Once multi-modal data from various facets of our lives are put together, personalized data-driven health recommendations can be formulated toward tailor-made chronic disease (including mental illness) management, health promotion, and early warnings of impending adverse events.

Our goal is to create multi modal health data pipelines and develop personalized health recommendation algorithms, so that everyone, including older adults, can stay healthy on their own by being monitored continuously and ubiquitously, while privacy is respected and the health care system remains financially sustainable.