Graduate student profiles

Jibin Yu standing in an atrium.

Jibin Yu

Aging, Health and Well-being PhD Candidate (Recreation and Leisure Studies)

Experiences while travelling can have a profound impact on an older person’s well-being. Jibin Yu brings a new perspective and looks to expand our understanding of how tourism, well-being, and aging are connected.

Caitlin McArthur standing in hallway

Caitlin McArthur

Aging, Health and Well-being PhD Candidate (Kinesiology)

Caitlin McArthur is on a mission to improve rehabilitation for residents living in long-term care. As a physiotherapist, her first-hand knowledge is an integral aspect that guides her doctoral research.

Ashley Flanagan standing in hallway

Ashley Flanagan

Aging, Health and Well-Being PhD Candidate (Recreation and Leisure Studies)

Ashley Flanagan brings gender identity and aging to the forefront in her dissertation research by challenging the way we currently think about and understand successful aging.

Luke Turcotte sitting in chair with two older adults conversing in the background

Luke Turcotte

Aging, Health and Well-being PhD Candidate (School of Public Health and Health Systems)

Luke Turcotte studies large health databases in order to determine which factors influence the path to recovery for rehabilitation patients. The goal of his dissertation work is to help older adults regain function and achieve independence again.