Emilia M. Bozzo

Speech Language Pathologist and Owner of Emilia M. Bozzo Speech and Language Services

Emilia Bozzo.

BSc (1989), Health Studies

MClSc (1994), Communicative Disorders, University of Western Ontario

As owner and sole practitioner of Emilia M. Bozzo Speech and Language Services, Emilia's practice involves speech, language, and dysphagia (swallowing) assessment and intervention for pediatric through to geriatric patients/clients with various disorders and disabilities in hospital and community settings.

The majority of Emilia’s practice includes providing speech language pathology (SLP) services to adults with neurological deficits and/or injuries (stoke, acquired brain injury, dementia, progressive neurological disorders) and those with feeding/swallowing difficulties. She also provides assessment and therapy to children with developmental, articulation and language delays.

Aside from her own practice, Emilia also continues to provide SLP services at Hamilton Health Sciences on a part-time basis, and is on the Board of Directors of Rygiel Supports for Community Living.

Emilia has been a practicing speech language pathologist for 25 years.

University of Waterloo