Kinesiology, Co-op

JustinWhy did you choose your program?

I chose Kinesiology at Waterloo because of the amount of opportunities to learn from professionals in the field, both in co-op and in the regular program. I've been able to work with multiple professors by helping with research, and have worked in multiple clinical settings thanks to the opportunities that can be found within the program and it's made me into a much more well-rounded person!

What I like best about my program

I love the versatility of this program and how it really lets you go down the path you want to take. The first two years give you a solid understanding of the various Kinesiology topics that are out there, and then from there you can really specialize in a topic, if you desire to do so! On top of that there are so many learning opportunities outside of the lecture hall. From working as a student trainer on a varsity team, to dissecting cadavers for the School of Anatomy, this program has so much for you to do and there is no shortage of learning opportunities!

Outside the classroom

  • Student Trainer
  • Intramural sports
  • Research Assistant with the Bone Health and Exercise Science Lab
  • UW WELL-FIT and Brain and Body Programs at CCCARE
  • KIN100L Volunteer Teaching Assistant

Co-op Experiences

  • Math and Science Tutor at a college
  • Kinesiology Assistant at an exercise and prevention clinic for improving heart health
  • Chiropractic Assistant at a chiropractic clinic

One more thing to know about me

I've had a really unique undergrad experience, as I started off as a student who commuted to UWaterloo each day for my 1A term, then left home and moved to Waterloo in my 1B term which was tough at first since I was still getting used to the city, compared to all my friends in residence who were already there for four months before me. After that, I moved to a city I had never lived in before for my first co-op work term, and now I am currently navigating through the last two years of my program during a pandemic, with many classes being moved to virtual formats. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask!

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