KirsthenWhy did you choose your program?

I chose Kinesiology because I am very fascinated by the machinery of the human body and how all parts come together to allow us to do all sorts of things like doing intensive workouts to waving hello to a friend.

What I like best about my program

I love that for the first few years of my program, we are taught foundational concepts that will help us in choosing whatever courses we would like to take in the future. The program is very flexible which is motivating since I know that I can tailor my degree and broaden my knowledge in a way that I know I would enjoy and be successful in!

Outside the classroom

  • Student Ambassador for the Faculty of Health

One more thing to know about me

I remember my first year as being exciting yet challenging at the same time, but I did my best to take advantage of the resources available to make the transition a lot more bearable. Going into university is not simple, so if you ever need help for your academics or mental health make sure to check out the many services on campus! They are there to ensure that your university experience will be as good as possible.

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