OumarWhy did you choose your program?

I chose Kinesiology because I wanted to combine my athleticism with my love for science and well being! Kinesiology was the best merger of these two things and I absolutely love what I’m doing.

What I like best about my program

I like how customizable my degree is to my preferences and plans for the future. You typically complete all your prerequisite courses in your second year, leaving your last two years in Kinesiology completely open with any electives you want to take!

Outside the classroom

  • UW Dragon Boat Team
  • Teaching Assistant for KIN 100L
  • Health Orientation
  • Peer mentoring first year students
  • Volunteering at my community centre and the House of Friendship
  • Working at a local shawarma restaurant!

One more thing to know about me

I eat lots of food. When I’m not eating, I’m working out or studying, or playing Minecraft.

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