Kinesiology, Co-op

RamandeepWhy did you choose your program?

I chose Kinesiology because of the amazing co-op program it has to offer. University of Waterloo provides its students with various professional development opportunities in order to set us up for success in the future and that's just one of the many great things it offers us. Choosing a program like Kinesiology also introduced me to such an interdisciplinary field with lots of great branches to cater my degree towards.

What I like best about my program

What I like best about my program is the extensive support and care that professors provide students with. They will go above and beyond to support you with whatever it may be. This really helps develop a sense of community and creates such a strong and positive faculty environment.

Outside the classroom

  • Personal training
  • Physiotherapy assistant
  • Volunteering!

Co-op experiences

  • Ergonomics Consultant

One more thing to know about me

I love giving university advice, answering any questions about Kinesiology, and student life balance! 

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