Therapeutic Recreation

SamWhy did you choose your program?

I chose Therapeutic Recreation because it allows me to share my love of recreation in a meaningful way! I also love how small and close-knit the program is, as it allows you more time to interact with your professors and makes it easy to build friendships.

What I like best about my program

In addition to the close tight-knit community, what I love most about the program is that it is very hands-on, which has helped me both gain perspective and further develop my skills. 

Outside the classroom

  • Faculty of Health Orientation Leader
  • Member of The Varsity Figure Skating Team
  • Member of Campus Response Team
  • Have been involved with the university colleges, and have held various positions at St. Jerome's and Renison
  • Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and assist with a local cadet unit

One more thing to know about me

I LOVE movies and have kept a log of every movie I have seen since starting university. So if you have any questions about UWaterloo, Therapeutic Recreation or just want a movie suggestion feel free to reach out!

University of Waterloo