Sebastian Filep

Sebastian Filep, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Examining Tourism and its contributions to human flourishing and well-being

Multiple knowledge platforms have thus far emerged in tourism studies, yet one important knowledge platform remains under developed. A humanist body of knowledge is needed that explains what enables host communities to flourish, what encourages workers in tourism to thrive, and what characterizes optimal tourist experiences. The aim of building this knowledge platform is to establish conditions for human flourishing and well-being in tourism contexts and to outline strategies for building greater well-being of tourism stakeholders. In this way, Professor Filep is working towards developing positive tourism, principally grounded in well-being theories from positive psychology (the study of what makes life worth living).

Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson, PhD

Assistant Professor

The landscapes of everyday life

How important are parks, playgrounds, farmers’ markets, restaurants, or even streets and sidewalks to our quality of community life? Amanda Johnson's research endeavours to explore these landscapes of everyday life to understand the community-based meanings and perceptions associated with these places. Specifically, her research examines how people interact in everyday places to understand how these places can be managed to allow for everyday and practical uses by a diversity of individuals and communities.

Cathy McAllister

Cathy McAllister, PhD

Community Researcher

Prioritizing urban nature

Cathy explores the mental, physical and social health benefits of time spent in nature. Given the fact that people spend increasing amounts of time in urban environments, she continues to search for effective ways to promote interactions with nature and ensure that communities put a priority on maintaining urban nature.