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Ally workshop gets student and staff to step up and out of their comfort zone

 “Appalled silence is too easily mistaken for assent.” This quote by Jennifer Peepas aptly exemplified the spirit of the HeForShe Ally Skills Workshop on May 22, 2019. In the context of the workshop, an ally is defined as, “someone who is a member of a privileged group working to end oppression and understand their own privilege.” The action part of this statement is important, noted Kendra Albert, the technology lawyer who was brought in to facilitate the workshop. Ally skills are actionable responses to oppression by someone with privilege, which is an unearned advantage given by society to some people, but not all.

Faculty of Science surveys gender equity concerns among students and staff in faculty-wide 'Listening Tour'

This past March, the Faculty of Science HeForShe committee asked students and staff members to ‘share your thoughts on the level of inclusivity and acceptance you have experienced being (female, male, trans, non-binary) in Waterloo Science.’ This was part of a week-long ‘Listening Tour’ to evaluate how Faculty is doing with respect to gender equity, and to give people a platform for sharing their experiences and concerns.

Research matters - Especially Gender Equity Research

As academics, we know that the best research is curiosity-driven, with individuals or teams chasing answers to difficult questions, motivated by a desire to know and to understand.  We also know that research can lead to important social progress, and that societies will generally function better if the decision-making processes that drive policy-making paid better attention to research results.

Waterloo’s first gender equity hackathon draws women hackers

Gender Equity Hackathon

It was a hackathon with a difference. Instead of a round-the-clock event dominated by male hackers - Waterloo’s first Equithon was structured across three days with no overnights - and 50 per cent of the hackers were women.

Successful Engineering Event

HeForShe Professional Panel

The Engineering Faculty held another successful Professional Panel! Check out Hon. Bardish Chagger's post about the event. 

Gender Equity Survey of the Math Faculty

Davis Center

For the past four months, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to help lead the Gender Equity survey project under the HeForShe Math Faculty Committee. In Fall 2016, we released a survey to all undergraduate students in the Math Faculty that focused on identifying gender equity issues on campus and in the workplace.

WWIMIn creates a safe space with no judgement, no pressure, and lots of support.

Ariel image of 60 participants at WIMIn

We have much to be proud of at the University of Waterloo. Two key areas that we continue to show incredible leadership in is our commitment to advancing gender equity on our campus, and our capabilities around entrepreneurship and moving ideas from invention to innovation. Bringing these two worlds together is where Waterloo Women Ideas Makers and Innovators (WWIMIN) comes in.

So, you want to Innovate? – A Guide to the WWIMIn Conference

women listening to a lecture at WIMIn conference

Unique problems require unique solutions. Learning from the speakers at the WWIMIn conference gives a good insight into how creativity can be used to help overcome big challenges facing society.

Welcome to WIMIn, a space for creation and innovation

Women talking in a group

Welcome, women, to a space for creation and innovation. Don’t worry, I was a little hesitant at first, too. With a huge push for gender equality, I didn’t quite understand why there was a need for a conference for women only. After attending last year’s event as a participant (and this year’s as a judge), I can confirm that it’s a refreshingly brilliant and much-needed idea.

Arts HeForShe Student Executive Committee

Student advocates in the Faculty of Arts have recently formed a UW Arts HeForShe Student Executive Committee. The team, pictured in the first photo below, is made up of 6 students both at the undergraduate and graduate level: Frank Mu, K. Yourie Kim, Kayla Howlett, Sylvie Wiseman, Rameesha Qazi, and Meredith Wu. You can read profiles of each of our executives on the People Profiles page!