Associate Vice-President Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion

Why is it important to you to be the HeForShe campus lead? 

Facilitating the HeForShe IMPACT work on campus enables me to work with others to raise awareness of gender equity challenges and most importantly, to address the issues. The key to Waterloo’s approach is long term, comprehensive, sustainable gender equity, which will enable us to identify issues that create systematic gender inequities and work to address those issues so that our commitment to gender equity continues to advance even after the IMPACT campaign has finished. All told, these efforts will create a campus environment where everyone can thrive, which will makes me proud to work at the University of Waterloo.  

How does your research and teaching contribute to gender equity?

Diana ParryBoth my teaching and research are grounded in feminist theories that advance gender equity. At the undergraduate and graduate level, I teach classes on the interconnections of gender, leisure, and health/wellbeing across various identity markers (i.e, race, class, sexual identity, ethnicity, ability). Teaching enables me to connect with students to raise awareness and inspire or support their efforts to change the world through a gendered lens, which is very rewarding. Similarly, my research explores women’s health from a quality of life perspective. Though a feminist lens, my research has explored women’s experiences of menopause, infertility, pregnancy, breast cancer survivorship, motherhood, and most recently sexuality. In  so doing, my research contributes to gender equity by advancing women as the experts of their own health experiences and critiquing the medicalization of health, which often reflects gendered ideologies of wellbeing. 

What's an important step that any student, staff or faculty member can take to become invested in HeForShe?

The most important step is to reach out and let us know you want to get involved! Please contact me or your faculty advocate to get started. Everyone is most welcome in the HeForShe IMPACT work. 

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