2020 Writing Contest Anthology

As part of our commitment to the HeForShe Impact 10x10x10 framework, the University of Waterloo proudly presents its fourth and final HeForShe Writing Contest Anthology (pdf.) Printed copies are available while supplies last at W Store and the Writing and Communication Centre.

2020 HeForShe Writing AnthologyOur four anthologies have featured creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry that challenges, inspires and moves readers to engage thoughtfully about issues of gender equity, how we have advanced and where challenges still remain. In 2017 writers asked us to move through reflection into action and in 2018, readers considered the complex ways that race, gender, age, faith, culture and ability intersect. The third Anthology focused on the themes of allies, highlighting the importance of collaboration and the opportunities that emerge to end systemic gender inequity.

It seemed fitting that in 2020, for the final Anthology edition, we invite students, faculty, staff, and alumni to share their ideas, expressions and visions on the theme of LEGACY as it relates to intersectional gender equity through creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.

We received a record number of submissions for this final Anthology. Writers considered how the idea of legacy brings us here, to this moment. They explored how choices today impact generations to come, connecting us to one another across time and space. Writers reflected on cultural and family legacies and the complex ways that these continue to impact their lives and shape their future.

The submissions received for this final Anthology, like the ones that came before, are as diverse as the writers themselves. Each unique in their story, perspective and experience. Thank you to each writer who made such extraordinary contributions, creating a legacy of their own. You have created opportunities for dialogue, reflection and, importantly, action to end gender inequity.

Nagoya University joins the Writing Contest

As a HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10 Champion, the University of Waterloo is among nine other Universities around the world that have committed to gender parity. Nagoya University in Japan is one of these 10x10x10 institutions. Nagoya has advanced gender equity by creating and supporting initiatives such as the new Center for Gender Equality, which serves as a home for the gender parity movement at Nagoya and as a hub for gender equity across the country. Nagoya University recently held a Writing Contest to engage their campus community. The first winner is a staff member at the Center for Gender Equality, Ms. Kazuyo Kojima. Congratulations to Ms. Kojima, and to Nagoya University for their progress and journey toward gender parity.

Legacy from Me - Tender Turbulence (pdf.)

Last updated: March 13, 2020