University of Waterloo Gender Equity Research Grants


Continuing to work towards Waterloo's HeForShe IMPACT commitments and gender equity on campus, we are proud to establish the University of Waterloo Gender Equity Research Grants. This is a new initiative that offers eight grants of up to $10,000 each to support research investigating or addressing gender equity, with preference given to projects that advance Waterloo's three IMPACT 10x10x10 commitments or of demonstrated relevance to the University of Waterloo.


Application deadline: June 15, 2017

Anticipated notice of decision: by September 15, 2017

Award period: September 1, 2017, to August 31, 2018, plus one year no-cost extension upon approval

Funds available: Individual grants of up to $10,000 will be funded


The University of Waterloo is part of the United Nations Women’s HeForShe campaign, a global effort that invites men and boys to work with women and girls, as equal partners, in advancing gender equity. As part of the campaign, the UN Women launched the 10x10x10 IMPACT framework, which involves 10 corporations, 10 governments, and 10 universities. 

As part of our involvement in the 10x10x10 IMPACT framework, Waterloo has made three specific commitments to address gender equity on campus:

  • Commitment 1: Boost girls’ participation in STEM experiences to build future
    female leaders
  • Commitment 2: Enhance female faculty representation to drive towards parity in the
  • Commitment 3: Advance women into positions that lead the university

The Gender Equity Research Grants support research that investigates and addresses gender equity with preference given to projects that advance Waterloo's three IMPACT 10x10x10 commitments or of demonstrated relevance to Waterloo.


  • Principal Applicant must be tenured or tenure-track, full-time University of Waterloo faculty, or hold a definite term research professor appointment, where the primary affiliation is with Waterloo.
  • Co-applicants may be faculty, staff, students or affiliated with other institutions. (Note that funds are not transferrable to other institutions).
  • All research disciplines are eligible.

Eligible expenses

Salaries of trainees, research assistants, minor equipment, databases, supplies, travel essential for the conduct of the research, and other justified expenses. Funds are not transferrable to other institutions.

Application procedures

  1. Combine the following documents into one PDF file. Applications not submitted as a single PDF file, with applicant’s name and department [1] in the header, will be returned. 
    1. Applicant information: simply put your name and department in the document header (the Office of Research cover sheet will capture all other essential information — see step 3)

    2. Summary of proposal (150 words maximum)

    3. Detailed proposal (2 pages maximum, plus 1 page of references)

    4. Fit with aims of the grant (half page maximum)

    5. Budget for up to $10,000 award, with detailed justification (1 page maximum)

    6. Applicant’s academic CV or CCV (up to last six years research output)
  2. Email the application package to Diana Parry ( with a copy to 

  3. Complete an Office of Research cover sheet and send the fully signed original copy to Monica Finlay, Office of Research, East Campus 5. Questions about the cover sheet may be directed to Monica at or ext. 37123.

Evaluation of applications

Funding decisions for this program will be made by the UW Gender Equity Research Grant committee. This gender-mixed committee contains representation from each Faculty, and membership is renewed each year.

The 2017 committee includes:

  • Diana Parry (Applied Health Sciences)
  • Kelly Grindrod (Science)
  • Jennifer Clapp (Environment)
  • David DeVidi (Arts)
  • Hassan Baaj (Engineering)
  • Prabhakar Ragde (Mathematics)
  • Leslie Copp (Office of Research)

When necessary, the committee may seek advice from others on campus with expertise relevant to a particular application.

Evaluation criteria

  • Excellence, impact and relevance of the research proposal including significance to the aims of the grant program.
  • Viability of the work plan including budget justification
  • Expertise and experience of researcher(s)

Final report requirements

Three months following the termination of the grant, a one to two page final report including a summary of the research results and their general significance must be submitted to the University of Waterloo Gender Equity Research Grant Committee via

For more information, contact: 
Diana Parry
Chair, University of Waterloo Gender Equity Research Grant Committee
ext. 33468

[1] The term “department” is used for simplicity and is meant to include University of Waterloo Departments, Schools, Centres and Institutes.

Project members: 
Project time line: 
September, 2016 to August, 2018
Last updated: June 08, 2017

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