March 2015

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Provincial designation -- boon or bust? (part two)

As we saw last time, provincial designation was taken out of the draft legislation before it was introduced in 1974.

Thirty years later, in 2004, it was put back! In the drafting of Bill 60, it was added to Part IV as section 34.5 and became law with the passage of the bill in April 2005.

Provincial designation -- boon or bust? (part one)

Provincial designation... whew, what a topic! We might have to take it in parts.

Provincial significance and Regulation 10/06

Regulation 10/06 is the companion to Regulation 9/06. Following a public consultation process, the two regulations were put in place in 2006 to set out the criteria for provincial and municipal designation.

Heritage Property Tax Relief (HPTR) -- slow but steady?

HPTR has been around a long time now -- since 2001, when the then Ministry of Tourism and Culture worked with the Ministry of Finance to develop it.

The timing may seem odd to some -- it was still the Harris era, and in fact Tim Hudak was Minister of Tourism and Culture! After all the cuts to heritage (and other) programs you wouldn't think a new heritage incentive would be at the top of their list.

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